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Bad Influence

Bad influences of having to live with lizards in human form, poison pumped into the air and water, multiple studies drew a correlation between low IQ and high fluoride levels in the water. The devils even sell fluorided drinking water, a direct attack on the uneducated.

I'm not so quick to blame *people as a whole. Just having such hostility in the world has impact on you. The bad plan - to give human form to all Three of the Trinity - See-for-yourself approach. Hosting the devils is why civilization failed every time it was restarted. It is what caused goddess to cry and abandon Earth to a bad plan.

So whose plan was it? Sirius closed the gate and took Earth away from Orion rule. They didn't give up so easily, "If we can't have Earth, nobody will." The Ice Age began with a bang 100k years ago. No Sunlight reached the surface after being blown up.

Obviously they just moved out to The Moon and to Mars, and were never really gone.

The gods made it enchanting, creating Lemuria. But after 60k years, the planet thawed and Lemuria vanished. They left mankind made out of all Three, even devil Orion creeps in human form. The First Atlantis was destroyed in a mere 10k years. What goddess cried over, only to be repeated. Wipe-out dates were given, counting from today, around 30, 22, 13 k-years ago.

Unnerving the god's track record no better than mine, and everyone so quick to blame humans. It must go deeper than that. Where the answers end. Refuse to look back. Maybe it can be forgotten.

Experience suggests you cannot pass it off as good planning to leave a sick species roaming after goddess cried.

How many disasters? Every nuclear device and meltdown, every slaughter in torture and torment, because someone said the species must survive? Did anyone say, let it die out until you have a shred of a realistic plan.

I don't mean other humans. Isn't anyone else criticizing Peyton Place created with a cancer? Didn't anyone say, "Stop! Someone will get hurt."


If the gods wonder why hearts never move beyond the physical - the only thread of communication is love. A cancerous uneducated world will make sure you don't have a single thread when it's over.

The negative push motivation has unpredictable results - a kick not a hand. Only the light push goes in one direction.

Failure is not the only way to grow. There was no other way on Earth since goddess gave up. Then it was clear that devils had no place in the good of mankind. Survival of the species is not an end to justify human torment. Just remove the cancer. But that's not what happened. They let it grow. Sarcastic tone, they had a *better plan.

Wonder crashed on the rocks called reality and Love is MIA - missing in action. Love and Enchantment left the world a very long time ago and from the looks of things, the Guardians as well.

Understanding the concepts orders Hope that Joy will visit. Ready to hand down the wisdom of the ages to a new magi, or you are not parent stock. Only adherence to Principles can support ideal reality. That must be taught.

Ultimate Need 4. To Love with the love that is born of being loved. Wait, not certain I understand enough to be playing with fireworks. You're going to load me up and I am going to go out there and blow myself up.

They suggested to write the Universe on how Life is gift and burn the letters. Can't burn this one but must be written.

Dear Universe,
You think life is a gift. One does not have to fight for gifts. A gift is not something you lose because it was not worth keeping.

Apparently there are beings aware and smart enough to not be born in the hell, meaning there is something very wrong here.

If a Heart asks to be lifted out of Hell, and nothing happens. That has to be abandonment. WHAT? Am I not loving enough, too clingy, or just unloved?