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What it means to be in your element - Your Nature Spirit Guide

Water: Feeling - Joy, changing transmuting and growing - Undine Gabriel
Fire: Action - Individuality, perception and value - Salamander Michael
Earth: Stability - Authority, exploring the unknown mystery - Gnome Uriel
Air: Thinking - Freedom, power and responsibility - Sylph Rafael

Pisces          April -- Mar20 to Apr20 - Cardinal Spring
Aries              May
Taurus          June
Gemini          July -- Cardinal Summer
Cancer          August
Leo                September
Virgo              October -- Cardinal Autumn
Libra              November
Scorpio          December
Sagittarius    January -- Cardinal Winter
Capricorn      February
Aquarius        March

Any who doubt never really looked at the stars nor wondered how Nature Spirit looks in someone - Water shines depth of feeling.
  March 27        March 28         April 3             April 15
Genuineness that's only apparent to another conscious caring feeling person.

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