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Projection/Modelview 5 times per frame
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Deprecated gluLookAt() and gluPerspective() are rewritten.


      wav, mp3, flac and ogg are menu listed.
      Need mplayer if you want to play files.

      GameMode right-click menu-input field: (spacebar,Escape)
      Enter = exe as usual, < copy, > paste.
     //Suggest not running Camera4 minimized - 
    //Zeros far as the eye can ... "Thought I saw a 2."
  Play any file type - install Smplayer on the root dir for no spaces.codecs.
  Free Download Eternity by Stellardrone for example.
  Shortcut Example:
  first.exe InTime.flac 760 -118.2 33.3 fullscreen 1360x768:32
  "first.exe 760" selects orbit paths 0,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,0,1 -
  Target Earth, c,j,j,9,9 best orbit sync, or just hit 9.
  Sat-orbits and planet north-pole accuracy done.
   Pre-alpha. Static Libs.

  Checks for files in order, PNG TGA JPG. Milky Way JPG 3meg   Full size is 6k. Not 2^integer, 6k png is running here.
   This one needs less brightness and more contrast. Site Link
   Site Link    Sat-Maps    Jupiter Sats 1024


  Four forces and 4 natural essence of nature, Nature Spirit.

  Incomplete understanding how the 4 elements use the 4 forces,
  blocked Einstein from a unification theory.

  Gravity is specific to the Earth Element. Flowing and conductive 
  force of electromag are specific to the Water element. Fire and 
  heat breaks apart or forges compounds, using both the strong and 
  weak forces. Air element uses both strong and weak atomic forces.

  Makes little difference, until we grok it's conscious. Observer's
  expectation affected design and outcome of the Double Slit.

  Nothing exists in any form without an Archetype, a formless 
  form. You cannot make anything without thinking it first. This 
  cannot be disproved, go ahead and try. Create something without 
  thinking it first; can't be done. Could only be disproved to 
  you; no one else could know if you actually did it.

  we therefore by logical deduction and evidential proof accept 
  universally, the universe is consciously created - a hologram 
  that is only real to the creator-observer. We had some help -- 
  thought of first by giant archetypes, creating an interference 
  pattern of real desire imagination and expectation, out of 
  which, standing wave resonance can emerge, collapsing into form. 
  The more real creating the illusion.

  Theory of the universe is proven, not hypothesis. Maxwell's 
  theories on scalar wave were removed from academia. Didn't want 
  you to know; didn't want you to realize you could resonate love 
  together and consciously create a new world without them. 

  Temet Nosce:
  People appear ridiculous when they try to know obscure things
  before they know their self. Plato suggests that comprehending
  yourself has a greater factor of understanding the nature of a 
  human being. One third of the Trinity has no capacity for
  emitting (creative) timeless vibs. All they can do is "head" 
  and feel hate, born psychopaths. Which one are you? 

  *Head: v. to head is to be only in your head, with an
  unconscious heart, undeserving of lovingly aware presence.
     Time Line FYI.