7 Truths of Dominion


       The Ancients are human and have faced death, befriended it, and are -in their way- immortal. They exist in human form currently unidentified, and are also of the realm of Nature Spirits (Sylph, Salamander, Gnome, Undine), the Kings and Queens of that realm. The magick of the Ancients is in their counsel.


       They offer the counsel of mattering, the counsel of heart and mind, the counsel of magick and the counsel of service. They offer the counsel of remembering or familiarity, the counsel of destiny, the counsel of voice and of giving voice to you and Higher Self. There is magick in their counsel. The gifts of the Ancients are outward success or worldly success. Magick is a gift of the Ancients, as well as hope and expectation. The gifts of the Ancients include such things as manifest power, well-being, the power of belonging, --challenge being a gift of the Glamours-- triumph, empowered destiny, and protection of your ancestry.


       To receive the counsel and gifts of the Ancients involves much more than being able to list them, or to define, or to even somewhat understand them. There are many ways to receive these things, but the first Truth that underlies dominion tells you how.


       In the Eyes of the Ancient One lie the new horizons to the future. In the Eyes of the Ancients you can find the guideposts and beacons to the magick of dominion. Now of course metaphorical meaning here. Meaning the more you think like, feel like, function like, as you can know and understand and begin to function as if, in a manner similar to that of the Ancient Ones, so you will find the new horizons to the future and the guideposts, so you can receive the counsel and its magick and be the beneficiary of those gifts. The Truth goes on, in several descriptions of how those eyes see.


1. In the Eyes of the Ancients


       These eyes delight in the journey of fool while they are tenderly bored with the antics of the foolish. The spiritual fool who's willing to stretch, to reach, to be courageous, to make decisions and choices even though they do not have all the answers, willing to step out and explore the unknown, and willing to discover more and more of themselves. Being a fool and foolish are 2 very different things.


       They dance joyously with the lovers and compassionately grow impatient with those enamored with themselves. They dance with the lovers, those who love life, those who love themselves, those who love each other, those who love love, those who are willing to be intimate and caring, and those willing to reach and stretch for more and greater love. But they grow impatient with those enamored with themselves, the arrogant, those who are caught up in their own narcissism, those who -out of their ego- are so in love with themselves, only thinking of themselves, self-centered.


       The Truth goes on and speaks then, of how the Ancient Eyes are entertained by the songs of the triumphant ones, but not by the ramblings of the arrogant. They will not countenance, they will not look upon, deal with, or engage the ramblings of the arrogant.


       The eyes, seasoned with wisdom the Truth then says, embrace death. Wisdom being the ability to see the bigger picture without losing sight of the current one, so without wisdom, without looking where you are going or a sense of how you want to grow you can't embrace death. And yet with loving release those same eyes mourn the dead, mourn those who refuse to grow and change, those who are determined and shutdown, those who have become in their way so alienated, so separated, so refusing to grow in the ways of love and forgiveness. They grieve and let go of the forever dying who say they are going to grow yet deny the very existence of a soul and spirit.


       The Truth then goes on to speak of the sparkle in the eyes that happens when the Ancients listen to the empowered voices. Speaks of silence in the presence of hollow and empty ones.


       The Truth speaks of an eternal aliveness that engages wise judgment, expansive judgment, judgment that is positive, judgment that lifts and becomes more, judgment that is born out of evaluation and assessment. These eternally alive eyes of the Ancients engage the wise of judgment. However the Ancients, with their eyes, will quietly disengage the narrowness and the blindness of the judgmental, of negative judgments, of judgments made without the benefit of opinion and evaluation, made upon assumption that is often incorrect, based upon erroneous information if any at all. These Ancient Eyes eternally alive will engage the wise judgment.


       The eyes finally laugh. These old eyes laugh in the presence of masterful artistry, and quickly become somber with sorrow when such presence is lacking.


2. Technician Vs Magician


       Currently we stand on the threshold of the liminal years. Remember! You have done the work. It is your choice. Are we chasing rainbows or finding the treasures at rainbow's end? There is nothing wrong with chasing rainbows, but the distinction is made of a difference between finding and chasing, where the end is obtainable rather than always elusive. The Technician reacts to world events trying to find meaning and understanding. The Technicians apply theories and philosophies hoping to make sense of what was, while never fully trusting the knowing of what will be. Not to say they are less than, just not there yet, but attempting to remind themselves, or convince others, of who they -some day- want to be. A beautiful dream indeed, but it is important to eventually capture those dreams. You love enough to dream and you're courageous enough to manifest them - a rich relationship that is not just found but lived with God-Goddess-AllThatIs, no longer elusive but is empowering and illuminating. The World responds in accordance and in compliance with the will of the Magician. Choose.


3. Magicians Build Dominion upon the Fulcrum of Vision


       Magicians build dominion the Truth says, upon the fulcrum of vision. Dominion without balance risks being self-destructive. Do you seek power over to control, or can you just create the environment? Those who engage domination are still seeking a sense of dominion. A person will try to create dominion while thinking, " if I can just get my physical reality together, then everything will fall into place", they think, they assume erroneously. You have seen it, in yourself and others, "if I could just get that car, or that job, or that girl, everything will fall into place", but you learned one thing doesn't guarantee another thing.

       So it is with dominion. It can be dangerous to build a physical dominion without also building an emotional and mental dominion, and an esoteric and spiritual dominion. That is the balance of which the Truth speaks.

       If only physical dominion is sought, the destruction can come from distrust, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. If only emotional dominion is sought, the destruction can come from envy and apathy with their eventual violence.

       Jealousy can be satiated, but not so with envy. Envy has as its goal the downfall of another; they must lose what they have. If only mental dominion is sought, the destruction can come from cynicism, arrogance, and self-delusion. Even esoteric dominion in singularity is at risk of crumbling due to the threat of separation, alienation, and self-righteousness.

       You have perhaps seen this in people who are so intent upon being that spiritual person that they ignore the physical, mental or the emotional aspects, wrapping their spirituality up in this singular package. They seek their spiritual dominion while detaching and separating themselves from the world and others, from issues and causes, from the very illusion and very reality they are here to work with and to create. Therefore creating their sense of separation and alienation often justified by a sense of self-righteousness.

       You've seen it perhaps in all spiritual expressions; from the most fundamental to the most esoteric, it can be there. When dominion is sought in that singularity, it is at risk, not guaranteed to fail, but is at risk of crumbling.

       Magicians build dominion the Truth says, upon the fulcrum of vision as visionaries. The dominion they build has balance. The dominion they manifest can augment their lives, can grow and change their world, can grow and change the world around them.

       The Truth continues to speak of a domain alive with the dynamism of power and the animism of alliances. The dynamism is manifesting with the use of a subtle shift of force and energy rather than moving mass, by the resonance produced by the energy and force in the dynamism of power.

       Not just having static alliances but the alliances that are alive and vibrant, full of love, energy, and vitality.


       The Truth continues speaking of how magicians build dominion with a foundation awake with the dynamics of their presence and the animation of their dream. Dynamics is a combination of masculine and feminine energy that is explosive, expansive, alive, ever changing, and ever growing, not some static presence.


4. The Great Wheel Turns


1st Turn

       In the innocence of chaos, the first light and breath, and the first light and hope unfold. Spirit and Soul unfold. Spirit awakens seeking to find Soul. Soul stirs waiting to be found. In the innocence of chaos the possible ignites. When Soul stirs, waiting to be found ... when Spirit awakens It seeks Soul. The masculine seeks the feminine. In this dynamic -of chaos, Soul and Spirit- possibility ignites. And this the first turn of the great wheel, possibility is born. *


2nd Turn

       Out of that, the first turn, Soul and Spirit intertwine. Out this fertile discovery and touch, potential is unbound.


3rd Turn

       When potential and possibility combine, comes then opportunity.


4th Turn

       The Truth goes on to talk about how opportunity breeds ideas, ideas ripe for creation, ideas of the heart and mind. Ideas made ready for the fifth turn.


5th Turn



6th Turn

       And with this connection of creation and manifestation in the union of heart and mind, adult dreams and visions are born.


7th Turn

       Triumph comes in the new dreams that are born - your personal triumph as an adult.


8th Turn

       In the balance and justice comes a more esoteric triumph, the triumph of Soul and Spirit. "The Triumph of God-Goddess-All That Is reflected and expressed in you" so speaks the Truth. The Truth then concludes by suggesting that beyond the wheel there is the higher octave of a Dominion called knowing. A new circle begins. A spiral. Lifting to a new octave, the circle ends where it begins. Continuously but not constantly the Great Wheel turns. Big projects little projects, be able to identify which turn of the wheel to take conscious steps to move from one turn to the next, and to the next...


5. Freedom


       The Truth of Freedom speaks of the possibility that Freedom is. It speaks of the capability of freedom. Possibility and capability combine in a self-inventing process called freedom. As you stand upon the new threshold, poised and ready, surrender to the hush and quiet, awaken your innocence, breathe the breath of Spirit. Embrace your artistry of being, your glory of loving and your courage. Out of this union of power, out of this confluence of power you can emerge. You can be free. Freedom is an integral part of Dominion.


6. Vales of Admission


       You will come back to this truth of admitting many times this year. The whole foundation of growth is built upon admission. Admit what is true of your happiness and success. However much or little it may be. Admit the reality and truth. Caveats? Simple affirmations may have value. They may not have value. They may also give a strange message to your subconscious that genuine admissions would not. There are 7 vales you must pass through to find the honesty of admission and the power of its mystery. The particular vales are delineated neatly in the Truth.


       The 1st vale is that of your genetic code that predisposes you, instinctively to be unhappy. Millions of years ago when the first human animal was engineered, part of the genetic code was the predisposition to be unhappy because at that time it was necessary and essential for survival. That has changed now but nonetheless, this encoded DNA instinct is still a part of you today.


       The 2nd vale is current life conditioning. For some there is that sense, no matter how happy you are, you can never admit it, or shouldn't. The gods will get jealous and take it away, your ego tells you.


       The 3rd vale is the observing and measuring devices of the child and adolescent, the eyes of their ego. The child's ego chants the mantra that they never get enough. The adolescent's ego feels that they are never good enough. Through such eyes, regardless of your age or accomplishment, you cannot genuinely see the happiness. Therefore you cannot genuinely admit, whatever admission is not going to be real and genuine. You're not seeking a child's happiness or an adolescent's success. You're after your spiritual adult's happiness and success. Look through the eyes of the adult.


The last 4 vales are traps of fear.

4. Fear of vulnerability

5. Fear of jealousy and envy

6. Fear of ego and arrogance

7. The fear of responsibility

       Forgive yourself for the entanglement and choose to change. Ask for help and healing to be free of the vales.


7. The Way of the Triumphant


       Links and connects to the first, through the Eyes of the Ancients. This Truth speaks of the qualities that are being triumphant, the qualities of the victory, however mundane or esoteric, that are victories of character and integrity, the quality of failure, however large or small, which strengthen and heal that very integrity and character. That quality of victory or failure where it teaches you more about love, that's the way of the triumphant. Achievements are infused with joy, and they are crafted of freedom, individuality and authority. Accomplishments infused with the mastery and artistry, the two engage the heart and mind. The two engage, awakening the spirit and enlivening the soul. It is the way of the Triumphant.

       The greatest gifts of human grace, of what comes naturally to human beings, as natural to humans as flight to the eagle, are responding, choosing, healing, and loving. In the Triumphant these qualities are luminous. They shine with the sacred and the divine. These qualities make human unique among the kingdoms.