castle design in progress

Near water's edge, a new path appeared I had not noticed before. This wondrous path eventually brought me to a huge lawn. This perfectly cut lawn seemed to stretch on forever. The grass sits at the edge of this reality and stretches on to the next world.

There in the middle of this vast and mighty lawn you can see a home, a castle, a mansion. Too far to walk, we must fly. With a magic word, a bubble of light appears; a bubble of love filled with a myriad of sparkles shining and dancing so bright, seemingly weightless. They hover over to surround us and we start to float. Love hastily carries us to the front door of the home of Hope and Joy.

Before we go inside, I should say and remind why we are the only ones here right now, why no one else is here. It is because Hope and Joy have been drastically diminished by the consensus. They believe Hope and Joy are not useful in this tragically unbalanced world. "You have hope? Is that all you have, hope? Wow you're bankrupt." But they are wrong. Hope is an expectation from the depth of Soul and anticipation from the heights of Spirit. Hope is feminine in nature and Joy is masculine. And here, they live in balance. Joy is an exploding burst of love in the heart and mind with a vivid living imagination so missing from the limited consensus opinion.

So lets go in now and as we enter, as glorious as it was outside, inside this home of Hope and Joy it is so very much more. So exhilarating, so sweet and precious, as if almost unbelievably sacred. Many rooms large and small with grand staircases and secret passages there are. Come, there is one room I think you'll like. We come to a spiral stair ascending to a room that is the heart of this home.

We float in a spiraling ascent to a quiet room that is dimly lit, filled with a hush more still than silence. Hear the heart of this mansion. Hear the heart of Hope and Joy. There are windows all around with curtains. Lets pull back the curtains and throw open the windows now.

Light and air enters this heart of Joy, this heart of Hope. Yellow, blue, indigo and violet light begin to swirl and dance upon the floor and walls; a flow of light and color, let it glow in your sight. The yellow for gathering, the blue for expanding, indigo for balancing and violet for healing the damaged expectation dashed and broken too many times. Let it sparkle like dancing firelight flickering with passion. Raindrops of color like crystal dust floating and whirling about with a living imagination, the elements exalted ignite, alive with joy and enthusiasm.

Feel the love you know, and the love yet to be claimed, you can see it with glorious vision in the presence of divine truth, goodness and beauty. Be filled with joy and fully at peace, filled with hope and expectation, fully accepting yourself, full of wonder and awe, fully free, filled with love, fully loved and loving. Sacred, ineffable, transcendent and timeless moments we can share in the heart of Hope and Joy.

Now breathe it in so the blood can carry Hope and Joy to every cell of your body, breathe in the ecstasy from Joy's heart to yours, from Hope's heart to yours. Be filled and lifted to new heights and depths of magic. Expanded vistas and horizons, be lifted and made new.

If you will journey the path of wonder you come to the home and heart of Hope and Joy.