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Seems futile waiting any longer for someone to write a foreword. I wont need many. There are around 500 or 1000 things to remember and its number, enumeration for illumination. You're guaranteed to be more interesting and more aware in a dull obtuse world. Waste no time.


     Imagine a beach at night, just you and three quarters of the planet at your feet in liquid feminine form. Ask your question. Give me dialog, from the horse's mouth as it were, I told the ocean. She then lit up the floor with emerald sparkles, exploding with every step. You should have been there.

     You will find a full translation for the work of St. Aquinas and greater insight to the Socratic method - to examine one's own beliefs, evaluate their worth and to realize that virtues are our most valuable of all possessions.

     But it goes deeper than that, something that is not so easy if we are not familiar enough with the Players.

     Not only to examine and question beliefs but also to examine the thoughts we think by what they are saying and to question and locate the origin of a thought. In this way we are empowered to choose and direct our thoughts.

     Chapter 5 acquaints us with the Players. From where is the thought input coming? Knowing this empowers us to take the wheel and drive right. The negative ego is scared of losing control to you. Take control. You're not your head. The head is the loyal servant or the enemy.

     By examining the work of St. Aquinas, which still contains Latin words, it becomes evident that what you're about to see was known long ago, lost if not forgotten.

     The list of "nine angels guarding the gates of heaven" (dogma lingo) is a list of the unconscious domains that beautify life. The core of which is consistently using our greatest strength of those strengths common to all people. What are they? Meno and Socrates didn't seem to have a clue.


     The dialogue begins with Meno asking Socrates to tell him if virtue can be taught. Socrates says that he does not know what virtue is, and neither does anyone else he knows. Meno responds that, according to Gorgias, virtue is different for different people, that what is virtuous for a man is different for a woman. He says that children have their own proper virtue, and so do old men - free or slaves. Socrates objects; there must be some virtue common to all human beings.

     Strengths are defined as powers that mirror and reflect responsibilities. The Strengths are what Meno and Socrates wished they could have discussed more accurately.


     Miracles mainly flow along the avenues of Dignity and Tragedy, Melpomene 5th Muse. After seven years on the latter avenue, the notebooks began.

Best Wishes

Psychological Evolution:
Subconscious Language Tools

Ask Neptune
Greatest Story ever Told

Gregory Christensen

1st Edition Published 2016

Temet Nosce

     Why are we here? We came for a true identity. We need a True Identity for where Love's momentum is taking us. Or we may not get there from here. Without money, it's just what you give; the vibe you offer to it all is the real part. Identity is knowing what you have to give, what makes you so valuable.

Who am I? Eternal feeling Soul and temporary created Spirit force. Spirit masculine seeks Soul. Soul feminine waits to be found.
0:The Story
1:Personality Drive
7:Domains of Beauty - Fully Translated Angels
Part 2. Timelessness - Crucial things to know about
10:Wonder of Wonder
Imperative Tasks
11:Facing the Shadow - Method Description
12:Healing a Legacy of how we relate to love
13:Heart Scar Removal
59. Review Questions
Take the written exam

I Owe You A Story

     Hope you brought your notebook.

     Did you hear the one about the new guy in hell, who was talking to the Devil next to the coffee machine? I know, you're not in the mood - what with you going to hell and all. Oh lighten up. It will only feel like an eternity. Hit My Heart. The entire world is falling to ruin, and poor Cheshire is off his tea. Mad Hatter's reply to Alice's query, "Tell me what the Red Queen has done." It's not a pretty story. Bio

Everything has a Frequency of Vibration

Seven components or steps coming together, is a WHOLE thing, greater than the sum of its parts. It is a Synergy, which has a core (#4) and 6 "electrons" at harmonic frequency. Not the same, but still with harmonic wavelength. There are 7 parts to Carbon, the basis of all life. The synergistic process of 7 vibrations in harmony is the basis of creation.

I cut to the chase, the royal purple Most Powerful Technigue (#6). If you ever felt as though something were missing, like something was lost or forgotten, you'd be correct. All components are required to ever find It. And specifically, where each is its own Synergy, Need Timeless Enchantment Ordered. Only understanding enough can ever do that. Only once we memorize enough, then it can solidify into the whole picure of understanding.

The Synergistic Concepts (7) create the Structure (4) Need Timeless Enchantment Ordered. Not meant for everyone, but for those who are alive. If 7 is like Carbon, 9 is like Oxygen.

Chapter 1. Enneagram Type

     Personality Drive is somewhat well defined in academia, nothing new? Well it could have some clarification with typology surpassing the consensus: Driven to be or not to be, that is the question. Being - Action

1. Be good - To do the right thing and have the rightness
2. Be loved - To make a difference
3. Be beautiful, successful - To achieve (exalted achievements filled with joy)
4. Be authentic unique original - To have identity
5. Be able - Think to unravel the secrets of life and satiate the questions
6. Be safe and secure - To have support and guidance
7. Be adventurous, enthusiastic and appreciative - To experience
8. Be self reliant (not needy) - To protect self
9. Be at peace - To make Peace.

   Self-reliance is also the visible agenda of wanting to control. The 4th is your security point and 8th is your stress point if you're a 2.
                          Security Point <--------------------> Stress Point
     There are three instinctual variants to balance, which describe a mental focus:
Self Preservation - Focus of survival and personal space. Companionship - Intimate relationships. Social - Focus on group issues.

Light - Darker Sides of Drive
1. Be Good and Right - Judgmental
2. Helper - Expects the Empathy to come back - Cynicism and Giving up
3. Beauty - Being too logical. Obsessive
4. Original - Melancholy
5. Core drive. The thinker's darkness is overemphasis of form and things created at the expense of feminine feeling. It's called chauvinism.
6. Having the Guidance - Entitlement and Unreasonable Fears
7. Adventurer - Undependable and Alienated
8. Self Reliant - Be the Boss. To Control
9. Peace Maker - Lacking passion found in chaos

Be real but not too real or risk the dark side. The Fulcrum of Balance is found in:
6.Love and Will

1. Fantasy without Wisdom is at risk of becoming fanaticism.
2. Illumination without Shadows can be blinding and deafening. The true believer follows blindly.
3. Guidance without Boundary risks Co-Dependency, entitlement and addiction.
4. Freedom without Responsibility becomes tyranny.
5. Movement without Direction risks chaos, frenzy and insanity.
6. Love without Will risks pain, apathy and violence. Will without Love risks manipulation and control.
7. Presence without Authority risks despair.

Chapter 2. Archangels

     Unlike an optical lens, maximum bending occurs closest to the center of a gravitational lens. Consequently, a gravitational lens has no single focal point, but a focal line of magnification. It warps all wavelengths, not only the visible wavelengths.
     The Sun crosses the Milky Way center on the shortest day of the year, Dec 21. The Sun is within Sagittarius named boundaries from Dec 17 to Jan 20, and not in Capricorn.
     Magnification of constellation energy occurs when a gravitational lens is present. Gravitational lensing is the reason for birth traits or there is no science. Therefore tropical dates are erroneous today, 2000 years later.
     Which constellation was actually behind the Sun when you were born? Following is an accurate date table for the sun. Don't take my word. Get a telescope and a star chart and see for yourself.
     At around the 20th of each month the Element shifts in this order beginning March 20, Water, Fire, Earth, Air. The general rule is to translate people's false sign back one, when they tell you what they were told, to find their true main element.

IAU Boundary Dates
Water: Pisces - Mar 11 to Apr 18
Fire: Aries - Apr 18 to May 13
Earth: Taurus - May 13 to Jun 21
Air: Gemini - Jun 21 to Jul 20
Water: Cancer - Jul 20 to Aug 10
Fire: Leo - Aug 10 to Sep 16
Earth: Virgo - Sep 16 to Oct 30
Air: Libra - Oct 30 to Nov 23
Water: Scorpius - Nov 23 to Nov 29
Water: Ophiuchus - Nov 29 to Dec 17
Fire: Sagittarius - Dec 17 to Jan 20
Earth: Capricorn - Jan 20 to Feb 16
Air: Aquarius - Feb 16 to Mar 11

     When you look at a person, ask yourself this very basic question about them, just how feminine and vulnerable do they seem? Those who have the most of this awesome quality are the water signs.
     Water sun signs have a depth of feeling, an ocean of emotion; they are conductive like water. Your feeling soul is the feminine part of you. Pisces and other water signs were apparently first in line for a dose of feminine sensitivity.
     Everyone has this Elemental Nature found by using accurate positions of gravitational lensing effects. Those born near a cusp are more difficult to sense which side they are on, seeming more androgynous.
     There is something recognizable about a person's sun sign from an elemental perspective. It's uncanny, seeming to have a supernatural origin or character.

Name of an archangel : One of the four chief angels, Gabriel, Uriel, Rafael, and Michael, who preside over the four quarters of the globe (Jensen, "Kosmologie der Babylonier," p. 163), Water, Earth, Air, and Fire.

What it means to be in your element
Your Nature Spirit Guide - Archangel
Water: Joy - Feeling, changing transmuting and growing - Undine - Gabriel
Fire: Individuality - Action, perception and value - Salamander - Michael
Earth: Authority - Stability, exploring the unknown mystery - Gnome - Uriel
Air: Freedom - Thinking, power and responsibility - Sylph - Rafael

On the Great Circle of Love right before Self, we find ...
Air is about Transcendence
Fire is about Caring
Water is about Healing
Earth is about the Choice

     Do a Sidereal Chart to see your elements. Tropical dates are not where anything really is. Use Zodiac options menu for Sidereal selection on 2nd page after: - Extended Chart Selection.

Chapter 3. Aspects

     Four Aspects of a structured Human creation are Subconscious, Unconscious, Higher Conscious, and the Twelve Faces of You - Aspects of you, this conscious being.

Faces of You
1. The Innocent
2. The Waif
3. The Warrior
4. The Nurturer
5. The Seeker of Truth
6. The Seeker of Love
7. The Masterful
8. The Magickal
9. The Creator
10. The Destroyer
11. The Wise
12. The Fool

Faces of Soul - Feminine counterpart to the masculine created you.
1. The Name
2. Power
3. Glory - Talent - Eternal Youth
4. Wounded
5. Shadow (Both dark and light)
6. Double (The body)
7. The Remain

Alliances - How high can you fly with broken wings?
     Soul, Spirit, Subconscious, Unconscious, Higher Conscious, yourself, truer self, future self, child, adolescent, unseen friend are examples of alliances that can need mending.
     A forgotten alliance is a broken alliance with whom we are no longer interacting. Or if we have no method of working with an ally, it is a broken alliance. Mending alliances is a prequel and sequel to forgiving the unforgivable - Forgiveness.
     The one and only reason anything is unforgivable is because an alliance was broken by the action or event. Those with whom we have an alliance never break our connection.  The event broke it for us. If an alliance gets broken, it makes the other alliances weak and brittle, as if we need them all.
     Important to understand that our allies are always willing to mend the connection. Being our ally is why they are there.

9 Sisters of Glamoury Mend Alliances with a mysterious brew.
     You are lost and you find a chalice that seems to guide you somehow. It stops leading you and you're still lost. Draw with chalice in hand the 5-pointed star with pentagram in the middle. A trail of one of the elements it leaves in the air. The pentagram opens large enough to step through.
     Breath of the Sisters warms the cauldron. They are imagined as the most vibrant women that only motherhood can give or as points of light.
     Into the pot you put the pain, sorrow, hurt, remorse and the forgiveness given and received. Then the 9 sisters come to work the magick of Glamoury, they bring and add:

1. Stirring
2. Love to graciously give
3. Joy
4. Dominion
5. Healing Balm
6. Nurturing to make all well
7. Challenge
8. Wisdom
9. Compassion

     You and Higher Self can do anything together. One of the sisters interrupts the reverie with Higher Self and takes your chalice. Fills it overflowing and hands it back to you. With a sip or two you pass it back and forth with Higher Self until its gone. You collapse. They catch you and carry you back to safety.

Chapter 4. Strengths

Awareness - Action
     Passing grade in each is required. Strength will do you no good when taking Payoff. Know your greatest to use it, and your weakest to work on it.

The Responsibilities
1. Creativity - Productivity
2. Discernment of choices and values - Having opinion and decision
3. Intimacy - Courage to make commitment
5. Curiosity - Intelligence
6. Being Empathic without getting lost in sympathy or pity - Caring
7. Imagination - Will
The Powers
14. Passion for Understanding - Compassion of Wisdom
13. Discernment of truth and beauty - Spirituality
12. Conception and Perception - Communication
11. LOVE - Loving and being Loved
10. Leadership - Impact
9. Humor - Integrity is spontaneous interaction
8. Dream - Vision

Chapter 5. The Players

     Seven Players hold the needed and sometimes-changing pppRgtb: Protection Power Passion Rightness Goodness Truth Beauty, which combine to unlock, in the 5th place of identity, the assurance of being lifted.

1. Objector/Protector - Protection
2. Light and Dark Shadow - Power
3. Passion Stealer - Passion
4. Nemesis has the Rightness. Righting the wrongs is okay but if you have a belief anyone should suffer and be punished for wrongs, Nemesis can use that belief on you. Right the wrongs. Go ahead. Do it by helping everyone you can.
5. Ego Eye - Goodness of your Magick - The liberation from not being right enough or good enough. Controlled Negative Ego is the clear and positive messenger.
6. Lesser Becoming More - The Truth of Self
7. Self Eye - The Beauty of your Love

1. Objector/Protector - The Protection
     Often it is the Objector/Protector who is responsible for Lost Dreams, rightly or wrongly. Understand its multiple functions. We get 4 Dreams at ages around 10 25 37 55.
     The Objector/Protector is just a function in the mind. It has no special information and has no future predictions for you. The problem is that this player is not always right.

     Thank them for the protection but don't let this voice run your life either.
     The Objector/Protector has no form but can take on any form. One step ahead of you it is born emotionally when you were born, mentally when you were born emotionally, spiritually when you were born mentally, and sometimes physically as another person when you were born spiritually, someone who protects and objects.
     The Objector/Protector is the keeper of all the reasons why not. Born of fear, pain, failure and shame that were necessary experiences. Not as much as we had. Not the extremes of these but fear to be the person, pain for learning boundaries, failure for success to have meaning, shame for the seeds of remorse. The child that has no remorse becomes the sociopath.

2. Shadow - Your Power
     In all academia this Player is perhaps the most misunderstood. Here is the proper clarification.
     The Shadow is the 5th Face of soul and the most profound Player in the 2nd position as we see in all seven-point synergistic concepts. The 5th position is always the lock or liberator of the process. This face of soul frees us.
     The Shadow always tells the truth and the Negative Ego always lies. The theory is this. Reality pays us back. If our reality is a reflection of our self, then the more consistently we stop going negative, the less we will see the ugly people in our reality. To that end, there is Chapter 11, Facing your Shadow.

3. Passion Stealers - Your Passion
     Demand their benevolence. Take back energy from malevolent one and give it to the benevolent one.
Malevolence - Benevolence
1. The Trickster - Magician
2. The Outlaw or Outsider - Rebel
3. The Judge - The Critic
4. The Enrage - Outrage at the Injustice & Call to Action
5. The Mad Woman destroys what it loves - Beautiful Madness of Creativity
6. The Debt Maker - The Forgiver
7. The Obsessive Addictive Dark Love - Light & Sacred Love
8. The Mysterious Other

4. Nemesis - The Rightness
     Nemesis, the 4th and core player wants to right the wrongs by payment from the guilty. But see that can backfire on us, so we right the wrongs by helping the injured, our only concern. Any simple mistake and there must be some negative extraction if our personal Nemesis has punished others. It's really a good idea not to punish since the personal Nemesis treats everyone the same, including you and doesn't play favorites. Yikes!

5. Ego Eye - Goodness of your Magick
     The liberation from not being right enough or good enough: Controlled Negative Ego is the clear and positive messenger. The first task is to memorize these because the Payoffs block all your Strengths. Write it down to really apply yourself. Taking notes helps us remember.

Negative Ego Payoff
1. Avoiding responsibility or the truth
2. Self Pity - Poor Me
3. Righteousness and Punishment
4. Holding out for guarantees that I wont be hurt before I will Love or Trust
5. Self Importance - Competition - Superiority
6. Blame
7. Clinging to the past.

     The Ego was created to be the servant, to just relay events of the external world to the internal self. It is our job to interpret those messages. But there was too much input and we didn't know how to interpret it all. It was just too much. We gave up and said, do whatever you want, give me the messages and interpret those messages for me. We gave it a job it couldn't handle. It became power hungry. It liked running the show and we let it.
     The only solution is to give the ego its old job back. The Ego is angry with us for two reasons, that we gave it a job it could not handle and for taking away that job. The Negative Ego always lies and its agenda is unloving and infantile, trying to sabotage itself and soul, trying to destroy the real you.
     Example of negative interpretation: You're having a party and Ego tells you someone has spilled a glass of wine. The next ideas that come are: get a towel, clean it up. Or it delivers the reasons why they spilled the wine. Because they're jealous you're having so much fun, they hate you, etc.

6. Lesser Becoming More - The Truth of Self
     The lesser you and the more you coexist.

7. Self Eye - The Beauty of your Love
     Love is conscious. Without Love, people are not yet conscious.

Chapter 6. Archetypes

     The original mold : formless form : The 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot are renditions of the objective archetypes who hold the blueprints of reality creation. Giants of consciousness at the edge of reality are the "glue of creation." If they stopped doing what they do, everything would cease as though it never were.
     When synchronicity occurs, Archetypes at play, magick afoot. The Artists of every age who have felt the presence tried use their artistry to capture the light, the substance, the harmony, or the love of the formless form, a rendition of the objective archetype, through painting, poetry, music, or philosophy. In the passing wake of an archetype, the matrix is reset.
     Add your birth date numbers to a double-digit number less than 22 (if not less than 22 = 0) and to a single-digit number. Then find your Archetypes with whom you can work most easily and effectively among the list. Examples: 1 1 1961= 19= 10&1 :: 12 24 1950= 24= 0&6

0. The Fool
1. The Magician
2. The High Priestess
3. The Empress
4. The Emperor
5. The Hierophant
6. The Lovers
7. The Chariot
8. Strength
9. The Hermit
10. Wheel of Fortune
11. Justice
12. The Hanged Man
13. Death
14. Temperance
15. The Devil
16. The Tower
17. The Star
18. The Moon
19. The Sun
20. Judgment
21. The World

Chapter 7. Domains of Beauty

Fully Translated 9 Angels
     St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, reconciles the theology of East and West when he unites the reasoning of St. Gregory with that of St. Denys (i.e. St. Dionysius the Areopagite).

1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Thrones
4. Dominions
5. Virtues
6. Powers
7. Principalities
8. Archangels
9. Angels

Now the correct version:

Domains of Unconscious Presence - Where True Identity finds beauty to embellish life.
1. Rapport with Nature and Reality - Love for the elements and appreciation of your environment
2. True Great Work that makes a better world
3. Exalted Achievements that are filled with Joy
4. Peace & 7 Truths of Dominion
5. Virtue and Strength is the application of power with consistency
6. Power
7. Principle
8. Co-Creating Touch with the Archetypes
9. Rapport with Divinity - Rapport with a Love that needs no reason

Part 2 Timelessness

Timeless Energy
1. Yearning Longing
2. Curiosity
3. Enthusiasm Excitement
4. Wonder
5. Passion Pleasure
6. Love
7. Will

The stuff of dreams - the stuff you yearn for, are curios and enthusiastic about. The Secrets of

Love Passion & Wonder

Chapter 8. Love

   Love is the only permanent antidote to the negative ego. Love is our only thread of communication with goddess. Love is the ultimate mystery that will never be resolved. Love needs expression or it sours and loses its sweetness. There are a few mysteries that have been resolved, first the cautions:

4 Cautions When Working with Mystery
The 4 repetitive problems:
     1. The linear of time and thinking and feeling, and trying to make Mystery conform to the linear.
     2. Trying to make it a progression, seeking a resolution and conclusion rather than allowing it to be a never-ending procession.
     3. Looking to make it simple rather than complex to make it mundane and ordinary rather than mystical and extraordinary.
     4. Looking for it to be a substitute or a shortcut, seeking too few words or too many words, not learning the language and not learning to listen to the right symbols that can guide you there and assist you in your exploration.

Handling the problems with Mystery
     1. Be mindful and conscious. Know that they are there, keeping an eye open.
     2. Let Mystery do what it does. Work with Mystery. Let Mystery capture your attention and focus, stirring your human grace.
     Let Mystery open you to a range of possibility, of suspending judgments. Let Mystery trigger strength and power, thinking and feeling and that ultimate drive coming forth. As a magician, let Soul and Spirit be involved with a spiritual grace as well as a human grace.
     3.Allow the unknown, the sacred, the beautiful, and the silent. Allow the joy of wisdom. Let new dreams and visions be triggered. Let yourself take that leap that is that 8th step, the Voice that does not speak, the Voice that only Is.
     4. Allow the power that is inherent in Mystery. Allow the magick that is rooted there. And with this to receive the help and allow the healing, and to honor that by letting it matter.

     The ultimate motive is I want to love and be loved. So often that's not enough. We need to know what kills it and how Love can survive and not die on us. Progression, Momentum and the Battlefields of Love

7x7 Matrix of Love
Love does 7 things! To produce 7 feelings*
1. Gives
2. Responds
3. Respects - Honors our Emotional Nature
4. Knows
5. Has the Humility to be intimate
6. Has Courage to make a commitment
7. Love cares 
to provide Awareness* of
1. Safety and security
2. Pleasure
3. Honesty and the ability to be vulnerable
4. Trust
5. Intimacy and caring
6. Reduced fear of loss
7. Wonder of being known

Progression of Human Love
     Love waxes and wanes. When it's on the wane it can feel like we are losing it. Love needs containers to hold the love when it's on the wane. Love that doesn't reach the 3rd step has little chance of surviving.
     1. The Reasons for Love - Why I love you.
     2. Memories are the containers for the reasons.
     3. Future Containers - Images of where we are going with this love.
     4. The Reasons become what it is I love about you and love is lifted to not needing a reason.

Archetypal Battlefields of Love - Illuminance of the Unknown - This should be familiar.
     One of the seven Archetypal Battlefields is where a person usually goes. You've been on all of them, but one of them is where a person finds their self most often, when things go right, when things go wrong, positive or negative doesn't matter.
     There is this place for everyone where they fought their battles when life seemed to be a battle, where they ended up in the mud of living life. Knowing the battlefields means one can recognize where they are (again), get off the field, win, etc.

1. Apprehensions and Inhibition about Love and living life.
2. Faulty Momentum and Motivation.
     Some are motivated out of fear; some are motivated out of guilt and some are motivated out of duty and obligation. Momentum is what keeps you in motion and motivation is what gets you going. The ultimate motive is I want love; anything else is faulty motivation.
     But the circle of momentum can break down and be faulty as well. So to find the breaking point we have to look and see, what in this circle of momentum scares us. Each turn of the wheel is a new level of love. One broken spoke in the wheel and momentum dies in a ditch. "Destination or Bust"

1. In the depth of Love there is Intimacy
2. In the depth of intimacy there is magick
3. In the depth of magick there is choice
4. In the depth of choice there are miracles
5. In the depth of the miraculous there is majesty
6. In the depth of the majestic there is magnificence
7. In the depth of the magnificent there is a new level of love

3. Fear of the Unknown, fear of the possible, of the future and the past. Negative unknowns carry more weight than positive unknowns.

4. I cannot change. Each step is a bridge to change. It is working or it isn't. One of the bridges is out. There are only 4 steps to change:
     1. Recognize what you are doing
     2. Acknowledge that it is you doing it and you don't have to do it.
     3. Forgive yourself
     4. Consciously change

5. Looking for outside permission and outside validation, permission to be happy, and permission to be in love, permission to any number of things. Give yourself the permission obviously.
6. The negative ego is infantile and still trying to sabotage itself and soul
7. The genius inside is not waking up.
     Timeless energy wakes the Genie of the Lamp. Music helps.

Chapter 9. Passion

     Passion is the combination of 4 distinctive energies that come together and explode.
1. Love that knows no constriction and restriction - Love without boundary.
2. Unconfined and unharnessed enthusiasm, an excitement saturated and imbued with a sense of the divine and immortality. Passion is unbridled enthusiasm.
3. Insatiable need, desire and drive
4. Unending longing for the intimacy that with blending and balance brings oneness, a longing and yearning for oneness.

     These are the stuff of passion. Any one or two or three of them doesn't spark passion. But when all 4 combine there is combustion.
     Passion can get lost in several places but one place is in the hallows of beauty, love and enchantment. What happens when enchanted moments become divine? What happens when beauty suddenly becomes sacred? What about when all of a sudden the love we feel has a sense of ineffability, a sense of being holy?
     Beauty around me and beauty that suddenly stands out (becomes sacred) are two different things. One I love and the other can be frightening.
     When love becomes dedicated (holy), the fear of loss exponentially expands. "I may love love, but the hallows of love terrify me." Passion lies in the hallows of beauty, love and enchantment.

     We can't be afraid to go there, to a love where miracles happen. Passion often resides in that rare and precious love that is on the other side of fear, in the pinnacles of freedom beyond the fear. Most people are afraid to go where passion might be, in the chaos, in the unknown, in the hallows, or that place that is so precious and rare beyond the fears.

Passion Stealer
     Demand its benevolence. Take back energy from malevolent one and give to the benevolent one.
Malevolence - Benevolence
1. The Trickster - Magician
2. The Outlaw or Outsider - Rebel
3. The Judge - The Critic
4. The Enrage - Outrage at the Injustice & Call to Action
5. The Mad Woman destroys what it loves - Beautiful Madness of Creativity
6. The Debt Maker - The Forgiver
7. The Obsessive Addictive Dark Love - Light & Sacred Love
8. The Mysterious Other

Passions Awake
1. Wisdom
2. Sensing Soul more richly to utilize awakened passions.
3. Take energy from the Stealer and give to the Benevolent one.
4. Encounter the Muse on the Mound of Love.
5. Steamy Breath of Passion: Lay down with a hot cloth, with a drop of Chamomile, Lavender or Rose oil and cover your face. Breathe in and fill your body with desire, need and drive, heart with love, mind with freedom. Repeat 4 statements: As I sleep in gentle repose my passions awaken. As I drift into gentle silence my soul calls me. As I dream I respond to my soul's call to adventure. I sleep I drift I dream. (Take the cloth off your face.)
6. Chronicle your passions: Write it down. What were the childhood passions prior to wound? What drove you then and what happened to them? Do you still have any of them? Translate the form into a new metaphor, into a new form, the same passion in a new light.
7. The Grace of Challenge and Competition to draw out the best in each other, the strength and talent. Physically: Push it to the limit and just beyond to push yourself to edge, in the absolute glorious spent feeling experience the passion. Emotional or mental challenge: Same thing, push it. Then look again at the metaphors in the challenge, and passion will awake and we begin to understand soul's call to adventure.

Chapter 10. Wonder of Wonder

New Intimacy, New Love
     The consensus fears and laments wonder. It laments because innocence is lost far too quickly and with it, wonder is crashed and dashed upon the rocks called reality.
     Wonder is feared for fear that it will return far too soon for it is often the harbinger of old age and being useless, in a world where productivity and value are defined so exclusively by bank-ability and profitability.
     It is lamented because wonder ends too quickly and feared because it returns too fast. The very young and very old are encouraged to cling to wonder because too quickly it leaves and too soon it may be all that remains.
     The consensus considers wonder to be only for a rare genius, for the very young or the very old.

Wonder Components
1. Wonder is a particular kind of Innocence and Wisdom that calls your Heart and Mind to marvel.
2. Wonder is Curiosity and Courage that calls your Soul and Spirit to speak its language of imagination and creativity, to reveal more of the self, of the greater and lesser self.
3. Wonder is Aliveness and Allure that calls You to always search for that which surpasses and is always becoming, to stretch and reach for new heights and new depths of that which you cannot fathom.
4. Wonder is Conviction and Perseverance that calls You to lift the voice that asks, "What's so of goodness truth and beauty" and to lower the voice that says, "So what" to goodness truth and beauty.

Examples of Wonder's Ability
     1. Wonder Deepens Love, Intimacy, and Perspective. Love takes on a new meaning. Knowing that love carries possibility of loss makes each moment together more precious.
     2. Awakens Passion, Magick, Beauty and Life in you
     3. Opens us to Depths of Reflection of reality and self with Luminous Intent
     4. Reveals Secrets of my Success
     5. Opens us to the Resources of spirituality and gateways to ecstasy and beauty
     6. Awakens the Transcendent Self and the more real
     7. Deepens our Perception and we see through the eyes of love, passion, reflection, success, ecstasy and thru Transcendence itself.

Laments Fears Reluctance & Recoiling
1. Lack of Wonder:
     You have not wondered about Wonder, but only wondered about mundane things, assumed it kept you away from the answers, or there's something wrong with you as a woman or weak man, a prevailing attitude in the consensus about wonder.
2. Fear of the Components:
     Innocence is vulnerable. Being wise is too much responsibility. Curiosity killed the cat. But hope brought it back. Conviction and perseverance is too risky, out on a limb. Don't stand up and don't stand out.
3. Fear of the Unknown, fear the possible, the future and the past. Negative unknowns carry more weight of fear than positive unknowns.
4. Emptiness Hollowness Alienation and homelessness that is in so many who feel there is no meaning to life and no significance in their life. So many people's light has gone out, don't know who, what or where they are, lack of human dignity.
5. Choice is deliriously frightening. Wonder threatens and risks having to choose. What if I make the wrong choice? That's scary.

6. Fear - Most delicate and obtuse:
     1. With Wonder there is solitude that is too close to the fire of loneliness.
     2. Forgiveness is too close to indebtedness.
     3. Significance and existence, meaning and being come too close to anxiety and dread, which threaten existence. Dread would have no meaning if I didn't exist.
     4. Human dignity is too close to the fire of tragedy. Tragedy is the loss of human dignity. The beautiful flaw of the tragic hero will not accept the loss of human dignity and will fight and die to protect it.
     5. Love is too close to the fire of loss.

7. Lacking Awareness of the Ingredients that mix to create Wonder:
     1. Humility - Knowing it can be different - Anything is possible.
     2. Grace is given. There is no other way to get it. Grace is being totally natural like a bird in flight. You're not driven by drive, nor controlled by instinct, nor haunted and motivated out of need.
     3. Active participation
     4. Becoming more conscious
     5. Active surrender
     6. Resonance
     7. Conscience based on human dignity, not based on guilt.

Find a way in, into the chaos and unknown and into the Wonder:
     1. Know what it is
     2. Owning and healing your resistance
     3. Actively deciding what you claim from Wonder's ability.
     4. Resonance. The first 3 set the tone and you will start to wonder spontaneously. Everything has a frequency of vibration.
     5. Luminous Intent
     6. Let Wonder show you.
     7. Let Wonder show you.


Chapter 11. Facing the Shadow

     What gets denied, whether you were taught or conditioned or just because you couldn't handle it, and all the stuff that the adaptive child elbowed out of the way so as to be idealized to survive - what the adolescent scattered out of panic and need for order and be accepted, all the aggression and avarice, all that you can pretend to not be responsible for gets shoved down inside you and it has to come up at you in the world, in the Players, in the Intimates, in the stuff of your reality.
     When you can own it, then it doesn't have to happen out there in the world. You don't have to keep tripping over it, banging into it and being confronted by it. When you can own it and make peace, it wont come at you from out there.
     Likewise with the beautiful Shadow, so often ignored in most explorations, all the power, all the genuine agendas of destiny, all the masculine and feminine that is so incredibly and poignantly powerful and beautiful doesn't have to seem beyond your reach as you admire those who seem to have what you miss, those who seem to have all that power, strength, beauty, wonder and spirituality that works for them, why not me?
     Because that too, as you deny it in yourself, comes up at you in the world and people around you, and is denied in your reality. When it can come through you, then you can create it, becoming conscious, not as witness or spectator but as a vital participant.
     My reality doesn't reflect my power because I am not owning it from my Shadow. I may want and long for it, I may have affirmations and positive statements but it's not mine. And even to whatever extent that it is, it's not with the depth, ripeness and richness that it could be. When you can have alliance with your Shadow there is such beauty and incredible wonder.

1. Dialog with the Dark Shadow - Find out what they need from you to be at peace and what do they have that's yours, interpreted by Higher Self.

*Do not listen to Shadow's response, of what they want from you. Turn to higher self and ask, what are they saying? If you forget to do this, you're in your ego, not real.

2. Take from the personification of hostility the mask and cloak and wear it. Feel your hostility and stay with until your disgusted with it and can't stand it any more. Own it.
3. Sink into the dark pit, into the abyss, into the darkness of a hollow emptiness of a void, where there are no words.
4. Face the paradox. How can I be this ugly and vile? How could I possibly be this spiritual, how could I be loved by anybody? I am this vile and I am this loved. I am this awful and I am this beautiful. I am both of these and I sit with the paradox until something common to both comes out of it. Transformation and caring is common to both. The caring, which is at the root of hostility and being loved, is enormous.
5. Now being led out of the darkness by the Light Shadow, by the power, motivation, reliability, beauty and wonder, by the soul that you have lost, by the spirit that you have denied.
6. Accept all light stuff that you are, own it.
7. Dialog with the Light Shadow - Find out what they want from you to be at peace and what do they have that's yours, interpreted by Higher Self. This pull and push catapults you to miraculous change.

     In your safe place, imagine you're with your Guardian, your guide; whoever that is for you. Embrace and be loved and love them. Ask them to find the Shadow.
     You have seen the monsters locked inside, the stealers and objectors and the words of the judge in you, the unforgiving and unrelenting, the crippled and denied in you. You've seen the face of your Shadow reflected in your reality and in others.
     Tell them, I want to find the Shadow beyond the masks and disguises and go into its very depth, into the abyss. I want to be free. I'm tired. I want to be free.
     They look at you and they understand. They know you are ready. They touch you in a special way and a shimmer of golden light descends from the heaven and surrounds you. Breathe in this light, it fills you and surrounds you even more. It fills every cell as this one who guides, now carries you or leads you to find the Shadow. The light about you drips onto the ground as you leave a trail of golden light.

     As you journey, they will speak to you about all that you misunderstand of this Shadow that was born with you, who holds sacred all that you could not deal with. How it keeps and protects the liter and all the power you could not handle. They may tell of a Negative Ego that always lies and how the Shadow always tells the truth. You travel together leaving a trail of golden light.
     In the middle of the night we come upon giant sundial, how strange.
     Father may be standing over there or Mother, maybe a sibling, that one you hate or your Nemesis that you thought you'd escaped, that person from work, or that player-person you see everyday.
     Amid it all comes a sudden hush and they all disappear, even your guide who brought you here. You are alone. And you feel a sudden chill and sudden fright catches your breath.
     They move stealthily closer. You sense a smell that chills you to the bone. Now you see the hands of a monster, a stealer or a judge.
     Right in front of you now, they lift their gnarly hands to remove their hood and reveal their self. You look away. You look down. You dare not look at such hideousness. But you must, it's why you came all this way. It holds everything you have denied about yourself, everything you have run away from, everything you hate, everything you've pretended was not true but was true, and everything that frightens you! Ah!
     It wears a mask that belongs on your face. So you take the mask and putrid cloak they wear and put it on yourself. You sink into the depths of your fear, pity, rage, fury and hostility, your hate, bitterness, aggression and sleazy punishment, into the pit of your disgust.
     And in the pit you are asked, "How can you be this ugly, this wretched and yet be loved? How could anybody love you? How could anyone be this vile and have hope?"
     And yet in this place so awful, there is something else. There is someone else who is here, just as lost and abandoned as you. It is your Shadow's Light Shadow holding all the mystical, wonderful, miraculous and magnificent things that you could not handle.
     Tender, vulnerable, fragile and pure, the Light Shadow removes its hood, thinking it was lost forever, it sees you and you see her. Let it reach out to you and touch you now like you've never been touched before.
     You let this one lead you out of the darkness. Take the venom and poison; use it as a force to Propel you, and the light that fills you, to Compel you; one to push you and one to pull you out at the same time.
      As you emerge from the darkness, this Light Shadow leans over to you, close to your ear; you can feel their warm breath and sense a scent so divine. It whispers a word or phrase into your ear. Listen now.

     Your guide wakes you in the morning and they embrace you. And they tell you how they love you in ways you do not understand.
     You've begun to understand the Shadow. Not to run from it but to own it and stop running in fact, to use it. Darkness is a force to Propel you, but the Light is a resonance to Compel you.
     As you bury your head in their shoulder, their neck and in their love, they hold you.
     And you follow the trail of golden light to find your way home.

Chapter 12. Healing a Legacy of Love

     The Legacy is changeable and can be healed. No matter how well we relate to love, it can always get better. From what you have read so far, it has already begun just by knowing these things - Starting to relate better than before in a never-ending procession of mystery.
     1. Our Legacy sets the volume or dimensions of love as in the height, width and depth of the love we can feel.
     2. It sets the impact of the presence or absence of love in our life, and how we relate to that. What is love going to demand of you that you can't deliver? What that means is, since love is unconditional and doesn't demand anything, you're really worried about what are you going to demand that love can't deliver. It sets the balance and nature of masculine and feminine energy in us.
     3. It alters the patterns of living life because it calibrates the emotionality of our hearts and the patterns of dealing with fear and pain.
     4. It is instrumental in altering the calibrations and filters of the subconscious mind. Because it can do this, it defines how we relate to love, how we respond to success and how we embrace happiness. It defines how we dance with magick, how we embrace freedom and respond to winning and how we relate to loving the life we are living.

And our Legacy comes from these benefactors:
1. Biological heritage from the past 4 generations of your family
2. Child experiences
3. Adolescent
4. Growing up years
5. Mature years
6. Soul
7. Spiritual

What is your Legacy? It would be important to know.
1. Define it
2. Hone it
3. Understand it
4. Carry it

     Realize and remember enough to define it as something given to you. Hone it by choice. If I'm still holding onto what Mother said about love or what I learned from Father about love, that's my choice. And if I choose to hold onto it, I have a reason for doing that. Hone it by choosing to let go. Today it is my Legacy that I am choosing to hold. Understand it with caring and compassion, not to condone it, but to understand why I held on to it. I'm not going to judge or punish myself for it. Because if I do that, it will stay in place and I'm not ever going to change it.

     I own it and understand it with compassion, the caring born of sorrow, and forgive myself. Carry it, which means I dialog with higher consciousness about it. And in the spoken form, carry it into mystery where it can be changed. The 5th and core doorway is having all your alliances in working order within your awareness and them being more aware of you.

9 Doorways to Mystery

1. Activating the Initial source of all magick (cosmic memory/essence orbs)
2. Unlocking and Receiving Greater Love and Greater Intimacy with Your higher-self
3. Embracing Your Legacy of Love
4. Awakening the Mysteries: Secrets of the Unconscious
5. Healing Broken Alliances July.2001
6. Mysterious Magick of Claiming and Demanding Sept.2001
7. Standing Empowered with the Ancient Ones Oct.2001
8. Loving God/Goddess/All That Is: A Divine Mystery Nov.2001 23,30
9. It's a Mystery

Chapter 13. Scar Removal

     Loving Better; Loving Deeper - Accelerated Journey Series - Where there is scar tissue there is less feeling. Where there has been a bleeding heart, there are scars and less feeling. The previous twelve chapters will not help enough if there are numbing scars on our hearts.

Lost links, Loving, Being Loved, Receiving love are titles that fully deal with the beauty, wonder, power and importance of love. This chapter is for those who already understand the beauty and wonder, and for those who already have experienced and know the power and importance of love.
     This exercise will augment and expand what is already known, to become proficient and more profound in the love, both that you give and that you receive.
     The basis of love is to give, to respond, to respect, to know in such a way as to provide safety and security, pleasure, honesty and trust.      Love is not just any giving, responding or respecting in anyway that you desire, no. It is to give, to respond, to respect, to know in a way that provides or offers very specifically, security, pleasure, honesty and trust.

     The basis of love is to be intimate (someone knows you better than you do), to be committed and to be caring so as to reduce the fear of loss and to increase the intimacy and sense of being known.
     You see here again, it's not just being intimate in the sense of tender, close, vulnerable and trusting, but intimate so as to provide a feeling of being known, a feeling of caring, a sense that the fear of loss is being reduced.
     It is making commitment. Not just taking a stand and holding to it arduously, but committing in such a way as to reduce those fears of loss, to improve the intimacy and caring and to allow the other person to feel that they are known.
     If a person will take any of these seven actions in such a way as to provide or offer any of the seven feelings, they are being loving.
     You see in so many ways you already are a loving person. You already understand the beauty and the wonder. You know the power and importance. You even know what's involved; you even know how to be a loving person. You know the value and importance but the fullness of love, the richness of love, the depth of love still seem to elude you.

     To love better and more deeply, there are precise and concise techniques that will increase the level and the intensity of the love you give and the love you are willing receive.
     You may not be able to explain exactly how or when but your reality will definitely reflect a deeper and better level of love.

4-Week Process
Week 1. In a micro meditation and infinite corridor ask, why am I afraid? What happened to cause the scars?
Week 2. Identify the fears that the scars hold for you and be carried by love to a far away place. All or one of the following:

Greatest Fears
     4. Abandonment
     3. Betrayal
     2. Rejection
     1. Humiliation

Dissolve the pain and scars by soaking in a vat of mysterious emerald liquid.
Week 3. Write to the universe how it is a gift this life, burn the letters.
Week 4. Dance in the meadow in the rain -
The Love of Goddess

Review Questions
1. Memorized the Payoffs?
Extra credit if you realized your main payoff.
2. Noticed a Broken Alliance that needed mending? It would be important to know.
Extra credit for alliances that are more alive and vibrant, full of love, energy, and vitality in your conscious reality
3. Faced the Shadow?
Extra credit for intense emotion in the matter
4. Confidence to work more effectively with all the Players? Extra credit for a feeling of assurance
5. Healing your Legacy? 2001 - A Space Odyssey
Extra credit for finding a Doorway to Mystery
6. In touch with the basics of True Identity?
     Elements Sun and Moon, Archangels
     Domains of Beauty and Drive
     Greatest and Weakest Strengths
     Main payoff and battlefield, so you can do something about it.
     Soul type ... another story. Choices are Sirius Pleiades or Orion. Or we really don't know who we are.

Year Titles
1987 Discovery
1988 Compassion
1989 Renewal
1990 Awakening
1991 Exploration
1992 Achievement
1993 Being, Giving and Receiving
1994 Commitment
1995 Vision
1996 Wonder
1997 Empowerment
1998 Opportunity
1999 Oneness
2000 Dominion
2001 Mystery
2002 Creation Manifestation
2003 Expansion
2004 Union
2005 Illumination
2006 Mattering
2007 Understanding
2008 Freedom
2009 Celebration
2010 Initiation
2011 Hope
2012 Enchantment
2013 Innovation
2014 Gratitude
2015 Remembering
2016 Co-Creation
2017 Valuation
2018 Acceptance - a person's assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition without attempting to change it or protest it. The concept is close in meaning to acquiescence, derived from the Latin acquiescere.
2019 - Grace

Hope and Joy