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5. Who am I?
4. Mental Plane of Total Harmony - Hurt does not exist.
3. Causal Plane of all Possibility - Effects looking to marry causes.
2. Astral Plane of Probability
1. Actual Physical

Standing Brain Wave Developing Temporal Lobes
Maxwell's work on wave magnitude was removed from academia because it might be dangerous for people to put their martyr on that wave. Do not do that. Hurt sticks like glue. Power will be lost. Use this entry to magnify only your gift to the world. Sacred shapes drawn with fingers on temples and sinking into brain center, representing Etheric energy symbols of:
1. Warmth - Circle
2. Trinity of Life - Triangle
3. Voice - Half Circle
4. Soul, Substance, New Form - Square
5. Movement - Spiral

-F5 restart sequence

Trinity Of Life In The Beginning
She placed three pools of Resonance into this bubble called the Universe. One was dark and forever without the capacitity to shine - the antagonist in this haunting serial. We have names for them since the stars were named. These three are known as Sirius, Pleiades and Orion. All three were given human form for the Experiment.

Temporal Pulse Technique
Place index finger of your dominant hand and middle finger of the other hand on your temples. Imagine firing a ball of energy from dominant index finger through your brain to the middle finger of the other hand. Faster and faster you fire these energy pulses until firing so fast that you see it as a beam of energy. You'll be amazed at what this can do for a migraine, your energy level, that ringing in your ear if it's too pronounced or when working with computers and EM emissions. In that state with Pulse Beam established, you engage and disengage what you want to release; fear pain doubt confusion. I say, I want this success and I release it to the universe, to soul and higher self; let them return the details.

Most Powerful Technique
1. Dream and Vision
2. 33 Seconds
3. Mists of Manifestation
4. TCM
5. Subconscious and Unconscious Release of Bad Programs
6. There is something that needs to be healed, something lost or forgotten, something majestic and magnificent about you to face. Not knowing where to find these things, so you ask Soul and Higher Self to help find them.
7. Mystic Mill - Calling Miracles

33 Seconds
Holding an image reaches a neuronal structure apex of intensity at the 33rd second. Decide what image explains you having what you want. Use a timer, pop up the snapshot and drop it at 33 seconds.

Sphere of Light
1. Animate the actions you would take with this success. Lay out the storyboard.
2. From a meditative state, ask for two abstract images for this thing you want, abstractly representing it physically and emotionally. If it is mostly an emotional success, then that symbol goes in middle and the other one externally.

3. View the animation in a dimly lit bubble before you.
4. Pop into the bubble and live it.
5. Pop back out and notice a brilliant sphere of light above you.
6. Beam of light comes from the ball above, into your head and through you, out your heart and into your animation as it gets brighter.
7. The grid with your symbols pops up on the surface when it's done.

Mists of Manifestation
    Depends on the intensity of feeling, depth of emotion and depth of intimacy. More than expecting miracles, embrace and get very close and vulnerable and trust your expectation. If you ever felt the power of the foggy Mist.

    Life is a gift and your task is to learn to receive that gift of what you want. Draw up all your consciousness out of the body into the center of your brain until your consciousness is a tiny shimmer of light in the depth of your brain. Nothing else exists.

    From this shimmer of a light, a drop hangs tenuously, shudders and falls to land in the 6th Chakra. And another falls to the 5th, and another to the 4th, and to the 3rd, 2nd and 1st. You are now 7 drops of consciousness.

     From each of the seven chakras comes a twill of Mist that will envelope that will cradle, caress and hold you.

    There in the distance through the Mist you can see Higher Self coming closer. Closer and closer they come, until they stand before you, in the Mist of Manifestation. Feel the love in this Mist. Greet and embrace to love and to cherish this space, feeling the love and wonder in the Mist.

    Breathe in the Mist, filling your lungs with this special Air. Feel the damp on your skin. Breathe in the love you feel for them, the love they feel for you. Breathe it in as you notice they are breathing too, this electromagnetic magick. Together you breathe this Love. Staring into each other's love, into each other's eyes and then, whoosh, you become one. Feel it. Feel it. Now turn to the Mist and state what you want. Knowing you need not justify it, rationalize it nor explain it; just express it.

    As you express it, notice a beam of light coming one of your several chakras. In this special Mist you can see the beam of light. Watch this beam of light in the Mist as more beams join in, coming from other centers; at least 4 and possibly all 7 if it's there. Watch now, beams of light reaching into the Mist beyond that which you know. They come together into an apex of light, when suddenly the light shatters and explodes!

    There in the shattered light you see the thing you want, coming closer. Closer it comes until it's right there in front of you. It's you having what you want. The you who has what you want notices you out of the corner of their eye; they do a double take. They stare at you and remember when they were you.

    You and Higher Self as one, begin to breathe. The you having what you want, begins to breathe also. The breaths powerful and willing until heart rates are one, and whoosh you are there, having what you want.

    The Mist is empty and you turn to continue you activity, to live the reality, to be. Be there and linger or fall asleep now, having what you want.

Tonal Creation Manifestation Technique
Imagine you hear three tones. One at a time, raise them to a higher frequency than you can hear. On this chord that you cannot hear, place your message of love. (Inaudible begins E octave 10 = 28 keys above high C.)

Release Bad Programs and Beliefs
There are so many but a few critical ones are Face the Shadow, Remove scars on the heart, Rewrite the Book of Beliefs, Clean out the Forbidden Zone with Soul and Higher Self, Heal and Change a Legacy of Love.

Cone of Power
Dialog with co-creators about what to create together, the Anima, Animus, the Old Man, the Old Woman, Soul, Higher Self, Future Self, because it's a partnership. There are hundreds of your lifetimes here as well who can join in, maybe more. There is no level of that's not good enough. It can be just for you. Talk about what and why in case there is some inconsistency with it. The ideas are I am a co-creator and I succeed. We all stand in a circle and toss these ideas into the center as light seeds to become one ball of light. We all focus our attention and make it grow to fill the circle. Then we all step into the ball of light and push it up into a cone, bigger and bigger until it explodes into a million sparkles of light that come to rest on us all.

Mind Meld
1. Contemplate the desired result before going to bed.
2. Get 2 glasses of water less than half full because you're going to mix them.
3. Structure one glass by holding the glass between palms without hand-to-hand skin contact while focusing on the desired result.
4. Structure the 2nd glass in the same way but by asking Higher Self to send their energy through your hands.
5. Mix them together. Drink half and lay down.
6. Sense the pineal gland starting to vibrate, which causes all parts of the brain to vibrate. Pretend that you hear another vibration off in the distance. Sense your brain matching that frequency that you can hear out there.
7. Drink the rest of the water in the morning.

Lifting the Burden
We all have a stubborn bottom line that tends to grow back. Shame is one of the few issues that cannot be processed to completion. Any number of other things, certain beliefs or attitudes, choices or patterns that habitually repeat can be lifted in a co-creating capacity.

1. Decide what it is. Acknowledge the Forgiveness given and received.
2. Recognize what you have done on your own to resolve this issue, which repeats.
3. You stand in the center of the circle of co-creators.
4. They all come closer.
5. They all touch you and each one tells you, I will lift the burden.
6. Now they come closer pressing up against you, crushed in a mesh of co-creators.
7. Then they back away.

Life is a Dream
Heart Meridian
1. Squeeze left pinky finger, "Life is a Dream"
2. Squeeze left pinky finger, "Life is a Dream"
3. Squeeze left pinky finger, "Life is a Dream"
4. Squeeze left pinky finger, "I Dream ..."

Gravitational Lensing
Unlike an optical lens, maximum bending occurs closest to the center of a gravitational lens. Consequently, a gravitational lens has no single focal point, but a focal line of magnification. It warps all wavelengths, not only the Visible wavelengths. The Sun crosses the Milky Way center on the shortest day of the year, Dec 21. The Sun is within Sagittarius named boundaries from Dec 17 to Jan 20, and not in Capricorn.

Magnification of constellation energy occurs when a gravitational lens is present. Gravitational lensing is the reason for birth traits or there is no science. Which constellation was actually behind the Sun when you were born? Following is an accurate date table for the sun. Don't take my word. Get a telescope.

Pisces : Mar 11 to Apr 18
Aries : Apr 18 to May 13
Taurus : May 13 to Jun 21
Gemini : Jun 21 to Jul 20
Cancer : Jul 20 to Aug 10
Leo : Aug 10 to Sep 16
Virgo : Sep 16 to Oct 30
Libra : Oct 30 to Nov 23
Scorpius : Nov 23 to Nov 29
Ophiuchus : Nov 29 to Dec 17
Sagittarius : Dec 17 to Jan 20
Capricorn : Jan 20 to Feb 16
Aquarius : Feb 16 to Mar 11

Water : Pisces, Cancer, ScorpiusOph, most feminine
Fire : Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, most masculine
Earth : Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, feminine
Air : Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, masculine

Regardless of gender, people have a range from having the most feminine beauty to the least respective to the 4 elements. Water Sun signs have a depth of feeling, an ocean of emotion; they are conductive like water. Your feeling soul is the feminine part of you. Pisces and other water signs were apparently first in line for a dose of feminine sensitivity.

Everyone has this Elemental Nature and can be found by using accurate positions of gravitational lensing effects. Being a water sign, rarely need a chart, I can see by looking at you. Those born near a cusp are more difficult to sense which side they are on, seeming more androgynous. So often there is something recognizable about a person's sun sign from an elemental perspective. It's uncanny, seeming to have a supernatural origin or character.

Elemental Nature
Element: Your Nature Spirit Guide - Archangel
Water: Joy – Feeling, changing transmuting and growing – Undine - Gabriel
Fire: Individuality – Action, perception and value – Salamander - Michael
Earth: Authority – Stability, exploring the unknown mystery – Gnome - Uriel
Air: Freedom – Thinking, power and responsibility – Sylph - Rafael

On the Great Circle of Love right before Self, we find ...
Air is about Transcendence
Fire is about Caring
Water is about Healing
Earth is about the Choice

Do a Sidereal chart to see your elements. Tropical dates are not where anything really is. Use Zodiac options menu for Sidereal selection on 2nd page after: genchart.cgi

Anagram Server and People Fame
Michael York (born Michael Hugh Johnson); 3 27 1942 = 28:10:1:Pisces:Cancer Moon:water(most-fem)
Anagrams: Join Mensch Halo, Shalom Nice John, appeared on Merv Griffin with Lazaris.
Anagrams for Michael York: Mi Holy Creak, Holy Cake Rim http://www.wordsmith.org/anagram/advanced.html

Major Arcana
Add your birth date numbers to a double-digit number less than 22 (if not = 0) and to a single-digit number. Find your Archetypes among the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Examples: 1 1 1961= 19= 10&1 :: 12 24 1950= 24= 0&6
0 : The Fool
1 : The Magician
2 : The High Priestess
3 : The Empress
4 : The Emperor
5 : The Hierophant
6 : The Lovers
7 : The Chariot
8 : Strength
9 : The Hermit
10 : Wheel of Fortune
11 : Justice
12 : The Hanged Man
13 : Death
14 : Temperance
15 : The Devil
16 : The Tower
17 : The Star
18 : The Moon
19 : The Sun
20 : Judgment
21 : The World

Oneness is Unity with accord and accord with unity. Uniqueness that brings harmony and harmony that brings uniqueness. Excellence that continues. Continuance with individuality and individuality with continuance. Difference with similarity.

Gateways to Transcendence
1. Higher Self in its more luminous geometric sense of Self
2. Depth of Soul
3. Amid the Boundary Dwellers whether of a personal nature, the poet philosopher musician painter - the artist in you that stands at the dew line of consciousness - or of the Boundary Dwellers of Archetypes, at points of crossing or of your personal connection and rendition.
4. The Unknown, Beautiful, Silent and Sacred
5. Beauty lifted to states of ecstasy, filled with joy, fully at peace, filled with expectation, fully accepting yourself, filled with awe and majesty, fully able to soar carefree, filled with love, fully loved, states of euphoria where everything has a Timeless Glow and a radiance when Goddess seems to be everywhere.
6. Lucidity of Dreams and Visions
7. The Goddess Grove

Transcendent States are hard to define because they are beyond comprehension and experience but can be found in
1. Deeper expression of the Gate itself: Go deeper into your higher self, your soul, the Boundary Dwellers' realm, into the unknown, ecstasy, and lucidity of dreams and visions, deeper in the Grove.
2. Enjoying Life
3. Earnest Investment in the Future
4. Oneness
5. Mystery and Mysticism of Choice and Spirituality
6. Mystery and Mysticism of Wisdom
7. Reaching Beyond
So to enter a transcendent state to work your magick to activate that state, to allow a magick of transcendence, magick that is by definition unknowable, that many would see as folly of the foolish. But you the magician see it as the rigors of your magick and mysticism in the dawning of your day - transcendence underway.

Precise Steps in Pursuit of Oneness (1999)
1. Utilizing the magick of Self Trust
2. The Forgotten Alliance: The Subconscious
3. Co-Creation: The peak of which is with the Archetypes - Co-Creating with the Archetypes.
4. Honing and sharpening your magick. Easiest, most powerful way is by finding your Lost Dreams.
5. Sustaining and Expanding Success
6. Harnessing your Unconscious
7. Greater Rapport with Future Self

Gates of Transcendence
How it can function pragmatically, the way to work.
1. Use the gate you know to explore the other gates and to explore the precise steps of oneness.
2. Experience meaning of oneness magickally.
3. Seek new direction. Solve problems.
4. Bring the transcendent states into your reality. Neuro transmitters of transcendence need receptors for that state. Bring the real into illusion so it can be anchored, recognized and realized. Develop a rapport with the gates.

Part of your magick is turning to the various gates. One of the states is the deeper expression of the gate itself. That's a state of transcendence; to go deeper into your higher self, your soul, and the boundary dwellers' realm, into the unknown, ecstasy, and lucidity, deeper in the Grove.

The 2nd transcendent state was enjoying life. Bring that state into reality and enjoy life. Those who are willing to have the enjoyment get the enjoyment first. Law of attraction is like attracts. Nothing changes until you do.
How in the world are we going to Enjoy Life. I would suggest flying a glider but that's probably just me.
Spirituality: Be in the zone and let it sizzle. It's not something I do, it's who I am.
Wisdom: Open to these states. Invest your energy in who you're becoming, not who you've been. It is that energy to reach beyond where words and descriptions do not go. Not all of these, but to allow and to create certain of these that are transcendent states in your reality to be the receptors.

5. Work with your transcendent crystal
6. Enter the gate with no direction and just be with your more real self, be with the goddess in the grove.
7. Transcend this limitation: I have done all I can and it's still here. Transcend it as a natural next step, not as a shortcut. I know everything there is to know about my martyr and all the reasons. I've forgiven, and released. But it's just too slippery of a slope. Something comes up, and I am really tempted, or I find myself already to the Y in martyr. And here I am with the opportunity of my lifetime ahead of me, just got the R to go. I want to transcend this. I want to be lifted out of this. I am about to destroy this relationship out my self pity or out of hubris, about to self destruct this relationship, and in the process I am going to hurt this person, and I don't want to do that, not again. I need to transcend. I don't have time to say, wait, give me 6 months I'll come back when I... - I need to transcend. And so I use transcendence. I go to the gates, empower myself, see why not, release the residue of why not, let the gate carry me into a transcendent state, work my magick and allow myself to be lifted from my martyr, my self-destruct, lifted from this old pattern that I know too well.

Enjoy Life
1. It's not letting the illusion rule my life.
2. It involves lifting my pleasures to levels of enjoyment periodically as joy is not a constant state. Drinking, eating too much or watching TV all night can be a pleasure without enjoyment.
3. Work with winning, particularly even before the state of being the winner, to work with celebration and triumph. Not party-party, but in the spiritual adult sense. To celebrate a moment, a time or event means to create a ritual to make Sacred, to be exalted in joy, to strengthen my character. Use the celebration to enjoy life as the cause of enjoying life not the effect of enjoying life.
4. Value Yourself
5. Be the Winner
6. To have the ultimate of Drive, Need -to be loving- and Desire
7. Maturing relationships to create the miraculous states. Through allowing relationships to be an expression of my Aliveness, my wholeness, my individuality, rather than a source of it. My relationships are the outlet for my aliveness, my wholeness, my individuality. Out of such maturing come things that are beyond expectation and imagination. Synchronicity - When I enjoy life I have little miracles all the time.

Metamorphic Magick
The majestic change in the essence producing complete change in the form, structure and substance between the stages of growth by magick.
Treasures and gifts of this cocoon of lifetimes, of this universe of free will, from which you will ultimately emerge more than you were, majestically changed by magick. Purpose of the Metamorphosis Meditation is so you can do it more consciously. Do the ritual and keep it alive. Let it be a part of your magick. Let it accomplish what you set out for it to do; to sharpen and hone your magick and its working, to lift your mastery to greater levels of elegance and excellence, to turn your craftsmanship into artistry. New magick, more and deeper magick combined with magick you do not know. Lifting the vales so you can experience the spirit magick at a lofty level. Let it lift that vale so you have that rapport, that ease and comfort, that sense of oneness with the array of Magicks, so you can stand up and step forth as High Magician, sourced in love with the technique of choice, so you can find and lift your voice, so that you can be heard in your world. Gifts of:
1. The Past
2. Power and Strength
3. What you have lost, of what you're missing or what you've forgotten
4. Hope
5. Dreams and Visions
6. Majesty and Magnificence
7. Healing

Teleport Device
Imagine you are inside the dual-tetrahedron shape. You slide fingers on a slippery surface called a stick-plate, which becomes sticky to the touch as you focus on your resistance to teleporting. Spinning on 2 axes, a dual rotation spin, is enough centrifugal force that molecules will disassemble.

Enlightened ones know that there are worlds, whole universes that are more vast and mighty than their own. Enlightened ones know that "out there" there is consciousness more magnificent, more majestic, and more powerful than their own consciousness. But in the glow of enlightenment one does not have access to what one knows. The seeking and the questioning go on.

Throughout the ages there have always been those who have sought the light, and those who have searched for answers to questions. And there have been a few who have become enlightened. The enlightened through their search discovered meaning and a significance and thus a Value of being more than a human being, but a Spiritual being that happens to be human. Enlightened ones know that there are worlds, whole universes that are more vast and mighty than their own. Enlightened ones know that "out there" there is consciousness more magnificent, more majestic, and more powerful than their own consciousness. But in the glow of enlightenment one does not have access to what one knows. The seeking and the questioning go on.

In the awakening of a glowing enlightenment they reach beyond the vale, and for moment they have access to that which lies beyond. Slipping beyond into the nameless places, they can be touched and changed by what otherwise they could only know, rather than experience. In that awakening beyond the glow of enlightenment, all will stumble and lose their way. For some the stumble and loss is temporary. For others sadly, it remains for the incarnation. Those in denial of their stumble are at risk of never finding their way in this life. Everyone gets lost in the mysterious chaos and must find their way.

But in that chaos you listen to the music of your soul calling you to adventure, or the music of your higher-self calling you to Love. You hear the music of the earth, of its nature, and of its spirit. You hear the music and the call of the Goddess, "come home."

The exceptional one has access to what the enlightened one knows.

To the call, the exceptional one responds with a mature, compassionate and just reply. And they choose to win. That choice, grounded and empowered, can bust and heal the delusions of grandeur and more insidious and dangerous, the delusions of insignificance. The exceptional one releases the imprisoning and poisoning desire to be the exception. Without hanging on to that, they can then grasp the exceptional -the exceptional of their complexity- with celebration and triumph. The exceptional Alchemist is one who transforms and transmutes all experience into love. In the transcendent Love they become privileged. In that privileged position, they can work sacred and arcane magick; able to change the world and the world's reality, able to change the future, the present, and the world's destiny. In the transcendent Love they become a beacon of resonance magick. By their very presence, Magick happens. The exceptional one has access to what the enlightened one knows.

The New World
It is likely that those who have only heard the words "new" and "world" within the context of some "new world order" discussion, will automatically assume that any mention of new world means "new world order." It does not.

What is "new world order"? It is world domination. Love & peace, caring & giving is not their motivation, though they might say so. Their motivation is whatever they can take by being in a position of total domination. That may get them a lot, but it will not and can never get them the Ultimate of Desire.

So if not that, then what is the New World? If we look up in real historical documents anyone considered to have been great, and search for the common motivation, among the vast majority the decision to make a difference was founded and produced in despair, tragedy, or crisis, etc. Too many will wear the tinted glasses that only allows what they want to see.

The ego's story is "woe is me, look what happened to me." The self's story is a bit different. That story is about how they got out of despair and grew themselves up into a caring and responsible adult.

Their personal great work is a story of how they made a difference. It is a story of, not how much they mattered, but that they did matter to others at some level and in some capacity.

Personal great work is not The Great Work. The Great Work is always changing and is the big and sweeping story. Currently the great work is the evolution of a human species, evolution of a consciousness. It is the evolution of futures to a virgin future and a new world - not a new order to the world, but a new world - not just a buffed and polished old world made to look new - a new world - not a future that is a more perfect rendition of the past, but a future that is virgin and new - untouched by human hands; A new world. That is now The Great Work.

How do I participate? In the depth of mystery real choices and decisions are made. Such decisions can be made out of hardship experience. Those not having hardship or unable to enter the grace of mystery are, at the least, unlikely to make such decision. In the depth of mystery there is sublime dignity and elegant Character mixed with authority and freedom.

Ultimate Desire
1. To acknowledge and validate Strength and Power by the elegance of talent, as opposed to validation by overcoming crises and hardship
2. Rewarding Friendships
3. Meaningful Work
4. To have a Happiness (needs met) that lifts to Joy (preferences met)
5. Fulfilling success that satisfies the self not just the ego
6. Intimate and Loving Relations
7. To acknowledge and validate your worth and Value.

Ultimate Need
1. To survive
2. To belong
3. A sense of creation and productivity
4. To Love with the love that is born of being loved
5. A sense of meaning
6. Aesthetics, beauty, symmetry, asymmetry
7. Esotericisms and spirituality

Ultimate Drive
To unravel the secrets of living life.

Doorways to Mystery (Titles of 2001)
1. Activating the Initial source of all magick (cosmic memory/essence orbs)
2. Unlocking and Receiving Greater Love and Greater Intimacy with Your higher-self
3. Embracing Your Legacy of Love
4. Awakening the Mysteries: Secrets of the Unconscious
5. Healing Broken Alliances July.2001
6. Mysterious Magick of Claiming and Demanding Sept.2001
7. Standing Empowered with the Ancient Ones Oct.2001
8. Loving God/Goddess/All That Is: A Divine Mystery Nov.2001 23,30
9. It's a Mystery

4 Cautions When Working with Mystery
The 4 repetitive problems:
1. The linear of time and thinking and feeling - Trying to make Mystery conform to the linear.
2. Trying to make it a progression, seeking a resolution and conclusion rather than allowing it to be a never-ending procession.
3. Looking to make it simple rather than complex to make it mundane and ordinary rather than mystical and extraordinary.
4. Looking for it to be a substitute or a shortcut, seeking too few words or too many words, not learning the language and not learning to listen to the right symbols that can guide you there and assist you in your exploration.

Handling the Problems with Mystery
1. Be mindful and conscious. Know that they are there, keeping an eye open.
2. Let Mystery do what it does. Work with Mystery. Let Mystery capture your attention and focus, stirring your human grace. Let Mystery open you to a range of possibility, of suspending judgments. Let Mystery trigger strength and power, thinking and feeling and that ultimate drive coming forth. As a magician, let Soul and Spirit be involved with a spiritual grace as well as a human grace.
3.Allow the unknown, the sacred, the beautiful, the silent. Allow the joy of wisdom. Let new dreams and visions be triggered. Let yourself take that leap that is that 8th step, the Voice that does not speak, the Voice that only is.
4. Allow the power that is inherent in Mystery. Allow the magick that is rooted there. And with this to receive the help and allow the healing, and to honor that by letting it matter.

Mystery Titles
Magical Working: Encoding a Mystery Crystal
A Journey to Grander Love: Hope's Mystery, Hope's Dream
Magical Working: Entering the Orbs of Mystery (Being, Beginning, Wholeness)
Unleashing the Mystery and Magic of Celebration
Passion's Secret: The Mystery and Magic of Boundless Love
The Quest for Mystery, An Ancient Ritual

1. Activate your Magickal Power, so you can activate unstoppable power
2. Expand the horizon to include uncompromising success measured by the future not the past
3. Participate by Co-Creation rather than by manipulating
4. Positive Relationship with the future
5. To live in a friendly world that is your ally

Value Yourself
1. Self Aware - Knowing you have impact
2. Self Worth - You are worthy
3. Self Esteem - Earned Love
4. Self Love
5. Self Confidence - To know you can cope
6. Self Respect - Honoring our emotions
7. Self Realization - Realizing you can direct that impact consciously.

Faces of You
1. The Innocent
2. The Waif
3. The Warrior
4. The Nurturer
5. The Seeker of Truth
6. The Seeker of Love
7. The Masterful
8. The Magickal
9. The Creator
10. The Destroyer
11. The Wise
12. The Fool

The Magicks
1. Sympathetic
2. Spirit
3. Conscious Creation
4. Resonance
5. Co-Creation
6. Confluence
7. High (choice)

Magician Category
1. Acting as if repetition
2. Celtic
3. Shamanism
4. Crystal
5. Ceremonial
6. Ritualistic
7. Healing

Desire - Imagination - Expectation

Raw Materials
Attitude/Belief - Thought/Feeling - Choice/Decision

Strengths Awareness - Action
Passing grade in each is required. Strength will do you no good when taking Payoff. We each have a greatest and weakest strength. Know your greatest and use it. Know your weakest to work on it.
The Responsibilities
1. Creativity - Productivity
2. Discernment of choices and values - Having opinion and decision
3. Intimacy - Courage to make commitment
4. Forgiveness - Forgiving
5. Curiosity - Intelligence
6. Being Empathic without getting lost in sympathy or pity - Caring
7. Imagination - Will
The Powers
14. Passion for Understanding - Compassion of Wisdom
13. Discernment of truth and beauty - Spirituality
12. Conception and Perception - Communication
11. LOVE - Loving and being Loved
10. Leadership - Impact
9. Humor - Integrity is spontaneous interaction
8. Dream - Vision

True Power
1. Freedom is easily lost without responsibility
2. Power to Give, the greatest gift is choice.
3. Joy found in healing.
4. Power to be Loving and act Lovingly

Platforms : Positions From Which True Power Operates
1. Flexibility and Forgiveness
2. Detachment
3. Humility and Respect
4. Honesty and Esteem
5. Knowing Yourself is Self Actualizing Knowledge
6. Love, Intimacy and Caring
7. Patience and Perseverance of Will and Imagination

7x7 Matrix of Love
Love is the only permanent antidote to the negative ego. Love is our only thread of communication with goddess. Love is the ultimate mystery that will never be resolved. Love needs expression or it sours and loses its sweetness. There are a few mysteries that have been resolved, first the Cautions.

The 4th thing love does, love knows. Love is conscious. She is carried in knowing or inhibition from not knowing.* Love's continuance means knowing where we are going with this love. Without knowing, she won't be safe. Then there is momentum of getting there, which can be faulty,** if the steps of Love's momentum are not understood.*** Each turn of the wheel is a new level of love. One broken spoke in the wheel and momentum dies in a ditch. "Destination or Bust"

*1st Battlefield - Apprehension and Inhibition
**2nd Battlefield - Faulty Momentum and Motivation
***3rd Battlefield - Fear of the Unknown
And 4 more Battlefields.

Love does 7 things! to produce 7 feelings* Action!/Awareness*
1. Gives
2. Responds
3. Honors our Emotional Nature - Respects
4. Knows
5. Has the Humility to be intimate
6. Has Courage to make a commitment
7. Love cares
And for specific reasons, to provide
1. Safety and security
2. Pleasure
3. Honesty and the ability to be vulnerable
4. Trust
5. Intimacy and caring
6. Reduced fear of loss
7. Wonder of being known

Trust is a skill. Attempt trust only when it is appropriate. Four conditions must be met to produce trust:
1. There is a potential benefit and a potential harm.
2. Neither the benefit nor the harm has happened yet. One or the other will happen in the future.
3. The harm must be potentially more harmful than the benefit is beneficial.
4. You must truly and honestly expect the benefit.

Secrets To Manifesting What You Want
1. Love and consciousness is real, its manifestation is the illusion. All of reality is the manifestation of love or the fear of losing it.
2. Channeling the future into the present. All things that have been or will be are now. Motivate out of what I am becoming, not what I have been. Take reality, that which I feel, into illusion, that which I create
3. Dominion and Co-creating partnership: I creatively generate reality. Realize power is the ability to act not necessarily the action itself. Self Pity is manipulation and domination. Am I becoming more of who I am becoming? In a world that is friendly.
4. Let miracles happen. When anything works better than you expected. Life is a gift. Yours is to learn to receive that gift of what you want. Open your heart to gratitude.
5. You can create anything you want just because you want it. What matters is why do I want it and how am I going to get it. To become more or to fix the little I have been, with elegance and joy or with hardship and struggle.
6. Love and positive energy is more powerful than negative. Love eliminates pity.
7. What I am becoming is manifested now. The current reality is an indicator of the future not the past.
As I resonate with these secrets, so I will more accurately create reality consciously.

Responsibilities for being Magickal - To be accepted then received
1. Powerful and Strong enough to be gentle and vulnerable; you are without a barrage of adolescent absolutes, you don't need addictions, you don't refuse Love, you don't need your past, you are honest.
2. Passionate and compassionate enough to be empathic without being swallowed in sympathy or pity.
3. Flexible and fluid enough to transform any reality into a positive future to engage and disengage to allow the magick.
4. Seek freedom and self-determination. Seek dignity, vision, vitality and Character.
5. Humble enough to, not just transform, but also transcend anything you want. Take nothing for granted except that there is always a solution where there is enough Love.
6. You love enough to dream. You can create light hope dream and vision. Courageous enough to allow it to manifest.
7. Spirituality evolves into a major priority and eventually becomes your only priority.

Most Critical Crisis the world faces:
Crisis of 1.Dignity 2.Vision 3.Vitality 4.Character

Generating Energy ~
1. Love
2. Trust
3. Value
4. Joy and Happiness

Sustaining Energy ~
1. Responsibility
2. Expectation
3. Gratitude
4. Discipline

The created illusion of form and all things created from conscious feminine awareness : that which you create. Even the female form is a masculine thing by definition.

All that's real, conscious awareness and the timeless creative forces emited, which has no form : that which you feel.

A created masculine universe of form. God is in everything created and is not difficult to find. You're not looking for god. You're looking for you. You're the one who's missing, with a consistent Timeless Glow.

Archetypal Mold of Feminine* and Masculine! Energy
1. Imagination*/Will! - From Love's Imagination comes Will
2. Feeling*/Action! - Act on a Feeling
3. Conception*/Understanding! - Understand the Concepts
4. Meaning*/Perception! - Perceive the Meaning

Constricting Emotion
1. Anger
2. Hurt
3. Fear
4. Loneliness
5. Hopelessness
6. Desperation
7. Shame

Negative Ego Payoff
1. Avoiding responsibility or the truth
2. Self Pity - Poor Me
3. Righteousness and Punishment
4. Holding out for guarantees that I wont be hurt before I will Love or Trust
5. Self Importance - Competition - Superiority
6. Blame
7. Clinging to the past

The Ego was created to be the servant to just relay via the 5 senses, events of the external world to the internal self. It is our job to interpret those messages of too much input. We didn't know how to interpret it all. It was just too much. We gave up and said, do whatever you want, give me the messages and interpret those messages for me. We gave it a job it couldn't handle. It became power hungry. It liked running the show. The only solution is to give the ego its old job back. The Ego is angry that we gave it a job it could not handle and for taking away that job. The Negative Ego always lies and its agenda is unlovingly infantile, trying to sabotage itself and soul, trying to destroy the real you.

Example of negative interpretation: Ego tells you someone has spilled a glass of wine. The next ideas that come are get a towel, clean it up. Or it delivers the reasons why they spilled the wine. Because they're jealous you're having so much fun, they hate you, etc. The reasons don't matter, your fun is dead if you listened to that message and reacted inside - ego sabotage.

Don Juan Matus was a Yaqui Mexican spiritual guide who tried to teach Carlos the first lesson - that of "impeccably stalking" the Negative Ego. However unbeknownst to Carlos. Lewis Carroll appropriately called it the Jabberwock. With a vorpel sword of knowing, which is this entry, Alice slays her Jabbewock and the White Queen once again wears the crown. Also about the Animus, see Tracy Cleantis.

1. Get clean messages from the conscious mind, ignore everything else it says that rings of Ego Payoff and negative interpretation.
2. Face your Shadow
3. Process Anger Appropriately
4. Change a Legacy
5. Surrender your will to the plan, show you know the plan even a little bit, be with them in your conscious mind consistently for two years and they'll notice and will begin appearing to you, so you know they're there, and that you know, that they know, that you're there - to touch and reach you. You're exceptional.
6. You don't need your past.
7. Be lifted and transcend this reality - coming home now.

Grieve when something dies. Necessary and easy to do because something dies inside when you Forgive. It is a part that is who you are and it will die when you truly forgive.
1. Denial
2nd or 3rd. Anger (reversible position order depending on idiosyncratic nature)
2nd or 3rd. Rejection and refusal of acceptance
4. Guilt for getting angry and not facing it more honestly (anger you think you don't have a right to have)
5. Bargaining, if only this or that
6. Depression (repressed/depressed anger you think you'll get into trouble for expressing)
7. Disorientation that leads to integration, acceptance, changing, moving off of grief.

Processing Anger
Really angry people might want to meditate on this one. That's no joke. Visualize stepping through your wall of anger with 7 steps after you've banged up against it enough, bloodied, can't go around or over, you decide to remember what to do when angry. Take 7 Steps:
1. Create space - get off alone
2. Create thought - what is causing this anger
3. Create ideas - what would be an appropriate expression that doesn't hurt
4. Express the anger - get it out and be done with it - don't take it back
5. Create new ideas
6. Create new thought
7. Create new space - so that there is a basis for communication in the future.
Try and remember that next time.

Fears of Waking Up - Why people don't want to wake up, or why people don't seem to be able to wake up. To wake up and start loving.
1. Fear of the Sludge - facing the ugly, though temporary immediately upon waking.
2. Clinging and Living in the Past
3. Making the Fears and Pains Real - there is no fear that's real, no matter how terrifying, it's an illusion. Give fears and pains reality and you will be afraid to wake up.
4. Drugged by the Anesthetics
5. Failure and its Blackmail - when you fail the consensus idiocy says you have to compensate and prove yourself by succeeding. But why? Who said that? Where is it written? Why not Forgive yourself and go on with your life? If you "push off" and motivate from failure, you stay asleep. Don't be blackmailed by failure then you can wake up.
6. Shame is so insidious there is a 12-hour discussion and Lifting the Burden.
7. Fear of what's beyond the Sludge. Afraid to discover the real me, spectacular and immensely powerful real self. The Vision Maker - The Magician.

To compete and compare to the past, to be vindicated and exonerated for failures has a secret agenda. When you continuously compete and compare to the past, living out of childhood projections or adolescent absolutes, or have the (most profound) Secret Agenda to be free of the pain, you are living in the past not yet being loving in the present.

Qualities of Being Awake
1. Positive motivation and the wonder that wisdom brings
2. Personal depth that comes with actualizing knowledge, to live spirituality within the material illusion
3. Free of the Anesthetics. To live without stagnation. Wanting it to be more wonderful and willing to shake it and change it. To be free of the guilt, righteousness and blame and all the Payoffs, contracts and scripts. To be truly free.
4. Living my dream. To continuously empower the living dream, not *get permission (on the Battlefield) but give myself permission, loving enough to love somebody else. Dying to the past; knowing I am loved by Goddess.

1. Paradigm of Positive Emotion and a Paradigm of Freedom
2. Personal Depth and Full Actualization
3. Free of the Anesthetics
4. Continuously empowered and living a dream not just dreaming it.

These are the qualities of being awake. When you wake up, that's what reality will be like, more and more, waking and staying there.

Waking Up Technique When eliminating the Fears is not enough
1. The Steps of getting there are the qualities of being there. Look at the Fears and Anesthetics, give yourself a prescription; pick something you need to work on - 4 Steps to Change
2. Evaluate your past. However bad, it got you here; so see the positive lessons gained - silver lining that got you ready for a future that was never expected to be there. Re-evaluate and re-educate from your past.
3. Flush the Anesthetics. If your thing is feeling bad for everyone else or yourself, then do it all the way - feel it for ten minutes real good and then flush it- use your head, see it being flushed out of you with a light pushing it out, etc. If you can't do this, you're clinging to it. If you can't control it, you're out of control.
4. Recognize this - whatever destructive pattern you have, behind whatever constricted pattern, when you strip it all away, all you want is love. Why does the person control? They want love and think it's the only way to get it. Why does anyone do anything? Because they want to be loved. Sadly most people think they have to manipulate to get love. Tell yourself the truth. Own it that you want love, and find another way to get love, like ask for it. When you're starting to perform to get love - just ask.
5. Give power to the real world not the illusion - experience what you want in meditation - that's what's real, not the illusion. And the more you do this, the more the illusion will match.
6. Choose the lessons you're going to learn - I am powerful is a better lesson that I am weak - magick works despite all odds! You're the one deciding the lessons *all along* - be more conscious of it and you wake up!
7. Use the resonance of the love of your higher self. Allow them to fill you with the resonance - ask. How would they respond to this? How would they do this? And how can I do it like them? Function from that perspective.

Waking up is that power, so beautiful and immense, so vital, essential and critical, that can dramatically and permanently change your life, that can transform and transcend.

Anesthetics What keeps you asleep and numb without feeling
1. Pity - an aggressive manipulation to control others - give them whatever they want, just stop the whining; the side effect is being numb and asleep.
2. Punishment - Martyr
3. Guilt - people who lack character or conscience will use guilt as a substitute - and it puts you to sleep. Guilt - what holds a prisoner, unable to feel much else - guilt is synthesized out of the unexpressed anger.
4. Nobility is being dishonest as in some noble excuse for your behavior. Dishonesty alienates you from the feedback of your reality.
5. Stagnation - Core Battlefield - cannot change and you don't even want to change. Growth is not important.
6. Righteousness and Blame - 3rd and 6th Ego Payoffs - never produce a positive result and put you to sleep.
7. Repression of feelings and emotions puts you to sleep.

Past hurt is no excuse for today - we made it here anyway - it's a weapon for the manipulation game to hold onto hurt.

Eternal Love
Secret to Eternal Love is we must learn to say goodbye; defined as, "see you later" with some vision of that future. When we move on, everybody we want to be there are there and none of the ones we don't care for. Consciousness is multi-dimensional, so all those people who are still alive that you would like to have there, are there also. All the ones you left behind can be there if you want.

Saboteurs of Love
1. Denial of Imagination, Creativity, and the Realness of Self
2. Nobility and Dishonesty
3. Fear of Receiving
4. Punishment
5. Blackmail Threat and Fear of Success
6. Terror of Love Lost
7. Denial of Soul

Keys TO Happiness
1. Responsibility
2. Honesty and the Ability to be Vulnerable
3. Trust
4. Intimacy
5. Making growth choices instead of fear choices
6. Self-love and Self-forgiveness
7. Ability to Change

Faces of Soul
1. The Name
2. Power
3. Glory - Talent - Eternal Youth
4. Wounded - Injured
5. Shadow (both dark and light)
6. Double (the body)
7. The Remain

Crisis Stages
1. The Crisis Brews
2. Breakout
3. Spill
4. Spread
5. Damage
6. Retreat - Moving to an end of the Crisis.
7. Vacuous Space - can show up anywhere in the process - Nothing will help.

Enemy of Choice and Change
1. Inertia - Energy is required to overcome Inertia - Stuck - Not moving
2. Projection of roles on to others
3. Identification with such projected roles
4. Boredom
5. Jealousy
6. Guilt - Worry - Depression
7. Self Pity

Antidote for Enemy of Choice and Change
1. Antidote to Not moving - Start thinking
2. Antidote to Projection - Be honest and responsible
3. Antidote to Identification - Be interested in life and have a true identity - Ask Neptune
4. Antidote to Boredom - Start giving
5. Antidote to Jealousy - Say no to the Ego
6. Antidote to Worry - Laughter
7. Look in the mirror and try to do Self Pity. Read Luminous Intent
8. Antidote to stress is Trust
9. Antidote to loss is Love more. Love more someones or love someone more.

Making Unique Choice
1. Know you create it by process and program
2. Resonance and Power of success - surround yourself with the feeling
3. Expand by integrating the essence
4. Dream the success
5. Condense into precipitation - See how it reflects depth, meaning, destiny and soul's path.
6. Active dialog with personified success
7. Make the choice.

Chakra Energy Centers
7. Doorway home - Top of Head
6. Intuition - Brow
5. Expression - Throat
4. Love and Desire - Heart
3. Control - Base of Ribs
2. Pleasure - Below Naval
1. Security - Base of Spine
One below and 4 above make 12

Visible Spectrum

Between the Pillars of Mercy and Strength
Daath: Hebrew for knowledge. Doorway to knowledge. The two pillars symbolize Mercy (Jachin) and Strength (Boaz) (Heb. יָכִין בֹּעַז), in front of the Sanctuary at Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.
#2 Major Arcana J&B The High Priestess of inner knowing sits between the pillars of mercy and strength. These are the points on the "Tree of Life."

Meet Atreyu.

Love's Momentum (Illuminance of the Unknown)
1.In the depth of Love there is Intimacy
2.In the depth of intimacy there is magick.
3.In the depth of magick there is choice.
4.In the depth of choice there are miracles.
5.In the depth of the miraculous there is majesty.
6.In the depth of the majestic there is magnificence.
7.In the depth of the magnificent there is a new level of love.
Some people are terrified of genuine magick, or of choice, or of intimacy, etc.

Love's Archetypal Battlefields (Illuminance of the Unknown)
This should be familiar.
One of the seven Archetypal Battlefields is where a person usually goes. You've been on all of them, but one of them is where a person finds their self most often; when things go right, when things go wrong, positive or negative doesn't matter.
There is this place for everyone where they fought their battles when life seemed to be a battle, where they ended up in the mud of living life. Knowing the battlefields means one can recognize where they are (again), get off the field, win, etc.
1. Apprehension and Inhibition about Love and living life
2. Faulty Momentum and Motivation. Some are motivated out of fear; some are motivated out of guilt and some are motivated out of duty and obligation.
Momentum is what keeps you in motion and motivation is what gets you going. The ultimate motive is I want love; anything else is faulty motivation.
But the circle of momentum can break down and be faulty as well. So to find the breaking point we have to look and see, what in this circle of momentum scares us. Each turn of the wheel is a new level of love. One broken spoke in the wheel and momentum dies in a ditch. "Destination or Bust"

In the depth of Love there is Intimacy
In the depth of intimacy there is magick
In the depth of magick there is choice
In the depth of choice there are miracles
In the depth of the miraculous there is majesty
In the depth of the majestic there is magnificence
In the depth of the magnificent there is a new level of love
Some people are terrified of genuine magick, or of choice, or of intimacy, etc.

3. Fear of the Unknown, fear the possible, the future and the past. Negative unknowns carry more weight than positive unknowns.
4. I cannot change. Each step is a bridge to change. It is working or it isn't. One of the bridges is out. There are only 4 steps to change:
1. Recognize what you are doing
2. Acknowledge that it is you doing it and you don't have to do it.
3. Forgive yourself
4. Consciously change

5. Looking for outside permission and outside validation, permission to be happy, permission to be in love, permission to any number of things. Give yourself the permission obviously.
6. The negative ego is infantile and still trying to sabotage itself and soul
7. The genius inside is not waking up.

Lost Dreams
Often it is the Objector/Protector who is responsible for Lost Dreams, rightly or wrongly. Understand its multiple functions. We get 4 Dreams at ages around 10 25 37 55.

Reasons we want to explore Lost Dreams are to find that energy so you can
1. Deal with dichotomy and paradox and find resolve
2. Sense the unity and accord, the harmony and uniqueness, excellence and continuance with individuality, to deal with difference, which is that sense of being at one
3. Find more of yourself and a sharper acuity of your power strength and talent. To find the Courage and confidence to be yourself making your power strength and talent more distinctive and focused. To be that more valued self. To live your dreams and a life that more truly reflects your truer self. To trust, have humility and hope to dream new dreams.
4. Heal the Broken Alliances
5. Find the forgiveness for the unforgivable, the unforgivable in you. The grief that will not end, the healing that will not mend can end and mend. It's unforgivable because an alliance was broken by that action.
6. Find perspective that deepens and enhances your relationship with god/goddess/all that is
7. Find the stuff of magick to sharpen and hone your magick to create abundant success

To enter the realm of lost dreams we must
1. Heal reluctance to go there:
  1. One can feel foolish, frivolous or a failure for having dreams that were lost or stolen. What was wrong with me? I don't want to go there.
  2. Blame. Often beginning with others, it's their fault for having those dreams. I blame the reality. I blame myself. Or I blame the dreams.
  3. Comes from the constriction of the judgments that you made of yourself, of your dreams, or from the constriction of the self-punishment that is born of such judgment.
  4. I'm afraid of the pain that still slumbers in those dreams and of the fear that's there. If I go muddling in lost dreams my fears might awaken; fears that I lullabied to sleep long ago might awaken.
  5. I don't know how to find my lost dreams and even if I find them I don't know how to give them meaning and thus I don't know how they could be significant or valuable to me now. How do I know I have the right ones?

2. Be willing to face the Objector/Protector and allow them to guide you there. The Objector/Protector is not an aspect of you but a function. Subconscious, Unconscious, Higher Conscious, and 12 Faces of You are aspects of you. The Objector/Protector has no form but can take on any form. One step ahead of you it is born emotionally when you were born, mentally when you were born emotionally, spiritually when you were born mentally, and sometimes physically as another person who objects when you were born spiritually. The Objector/Protector is the keeper of all the reasons why not. Born of fear, pain, failure and shame that were necessary experiences. Not as much as we had. Not the extremes of these but fear to be the person, pain for learning boundaries, failure for success to have meaning, shame for the seeds of remorse. The child that has no remorse becomes the sociopath.

3. Willing to be abundant takes 3 resolutions
  1. The realness, real enough but not too real
  2. Conflicts of consciousness
  3. The weighting of what abundance is to you. Abundance is bounty, autonomy, exalted giving, co-creation, active conscious participation, celebration, triumph and mental emotion and spiritual abundance. Afraid to own my abundance for fear I'll be denied the money because I'm already abundant and therefore don't deserve it. That's backwards; making an erroneous assumption that abundance is handed out to those that don't have it. Abundance is passed out based on willingness not on deserving. Afraid to own the abundance I have for fear I wont get more. Through ownership of my abundance I will find a greater willingness to receive more.

4. Do you know the knowing? Do you know you are loved? Not trying to prove it or find out who loves you.
To know I am loved
To know my resonance
To know the true meaning of abundance

Divine Union - Assurance of Being Lifted
7 players hold the needed and sometimes-changing pppRgtb:
Protection Power Passion Rightness Goodness Truth Beauty
1. Objector/Protector - Protection
2. Light and Dark Shadow - Power
3. Passion Stealer - Passion
4. Nemesis has the Rightness. Righting the wrongs is okay but if you have a belief anyone should suffer and be punished for wrongs, Nemesis can use that belief on you. Right the wrongs. Go ahead. Do it by helping everyone you can.
5. Ego Eye - Goodness of your Magick - The liberation from not being right enough or good enough. Controlled Negative Ego is the clear and positive messenger.
6. Lesser Becoming More - The Truth of Self
7. Self Eye - The Beauty of your Love

1. Demands adherence to oppressive rules.
2. Diminishes capacity to initiate or participate in loving relationships.
3. Obsession to Control - The behavior seems to control your life.
4. Woeful self-neglect and needing outside validation.

Progression of Love
Love waxes and wanes. When it's on the wane it can feel like we are losing it. Love needs containers to hold the love when it's on the wane. Love that doesn't reach the 3rd step has little chance of surviving.
1. The Reasons for Love - Why I love you.
2. Memories are the containers for the reasons.
3. Future Containers - Images of where we are going with this love.
4. The Reasons become what it is I love about you and love is lifted to not needing a reason.

Dark Shield
1. Reluctance to Receive Love
2. Self Sabotage
3. Addiction
4. Shame that did not Blossom into Remorse
5. Payoff
6. Guilt (Anger I don't have a right to have)
7. Conscious Waves of Undeserving

Miracle Criteria
Miracles need not meet them all but will often meet all criteria. Miracles flow mainly along 2 avenues; the avenues of dignity and tragedy.
1. Something that happens totally beyond your expectation.
2. Certain type of amplified coincidences. It is more than coincidence and more than synchronicity. It must stand out with more than meaning. It must have significance that changes you. In the passing wake of an Archetype, the boundary between space-time and beyond is particularly narrow and fluid. A miracle is the change in you.
3. Precipitation of moments that are superceding and surpassing in living life. When your unconscious mind supercedes and surpasses the patterns in your subconscious mind and the behaviors of your conscious mind.
4. Distinctive Transcendent moment: A moment when you transmute or transform and even transcend in your reality. Not just a transcendent moment, but one that triggers a transmutation of energy, a transformation within you. Or even lifts you, or allows you to lift yourself out of a situation in your reality. Like a euphoric witness of a sunrise that is transcendent.
5. Precipitation once again: Precipitation that emerges from the liminal of duality, from either between polar opposites of despair and Joy or comparative parallels of Happiness and Joy. It is resonant causation or resonance magick of a standing wave. The interference pattern does not cause Resonance and does not cause a standing wave. It emerges, condensed out of the between. That's a miracle.
6. Mysterious choice is the choice of a magician; key to the working of magick. It is an extraordinary choice from beyond space-time. When a choice that your higher self has made for you manifests.
7. A distinctive truth that catapults you forward in growing, changing and evolving. Not a truth that either maintains the status quo or reaffirms what you already know. But a truth that catapults you forward out of the self-doubt and guilt. Out of a fantasy in which you have uncovered the fantasia.

Miracle Resistance
1. The attitude of Chauvinism sees wanting and asking for miracles as weak, the act of a desperate person. The price of chauvinism is the loss of miracles.
2. Miracles come from beyond and therefore put you outside of control and make you feel outside of control. People don't want to deal with miracles because they are so afraid of being out of control.
3. Being of a quantum principle, miracles are unpredictable so people resist miracles.
4. The biggest and most poignant resistance is guilt. Why did I get a miracle and not someone else? There must be some duty, obligation or conditions that I would have to meet because I got a miracle. And I think this way because of the guilt.
5. I don't want to share the credit for this success with a miracle. I want all the credit.
6. Living the lie is still too important, still too invested in the past.
7. Lack of trust in your spirituality, in goddess, in your soul and higher self. And the fear of relying on the Trust you do have.

Ritual of Remembering
For the purposes of Illumination, enumeration.
From a safe place, journey to a river ...
1. On the other side of the river see the light of a fire
2. Cross the river and approach the fire. But as you cross the river, feel the water and what it's saying to you. Take a moment as you stand in the river. On the far side of the fire see the looking glass. See your reflection in the dance of firelight. Your image changes and morphs into your numerous lives, who you once were and will be again.
3. Step into the fire and be consumed and now separated as consciousness from your body, step through the looking glass to be with the many on the other side (weak force)
4. Other lives greet you with 7 gifts:
    1. Greater consciousness
    2. Greater confidence in your spirituality, your relationship with Goddess and all that is
    3. Strength to become more. To use both success and failure to be more not less
    4. The power to use success and failure to transmute transform and transcend
    5. Courage to be passionate, in the moment. Able to let it go when it passes.
    6. Courage to craft your life and futures
    7. Willingness to seek and pursue the unfathomable

5. Breathe in the energy of these gifts.
6. Step back through the looking glass and back into the fire to forge what is now in you to be a part of you (strong force)
7. Step from the fire and go back across the river remembering who you once were and who you are.

Mystic Mill : Calling Miracles
When you can know your Resistance and be willing to have miracles, then remembering in a Ritual of Remembering, then you can work the magick called Calling of Miracles. Be carried by the love they have for you, cocooned in light and love, to anywhere. Known destination not required. Find the platform made of concentric circles of stone or any other material with symbols etched into the surface.

Confident and conscious of your relationship with Goddess and all that is, with soul and spirit, with higher self, you walk the mill becoming more conscious. Feeling strong from the successes and failures, knowing you can transmute transform and transcend, feeling powerful, feeling courageous, willing to pursue your passion, willing to craft your life. Courageous, powerful, strong, confident, conscious, and willing to pursue the unfathomable, grow now, to become a Giant upon a mill.

With intensity of feeling and excitement, create four sparks: Dignity, Spirit, Intensity and Freedom of desire in the closed palms of a giant's hands upon the Mill. Each one grows until you can no longer keep your hands closed, growing large enough to hold all your miracles. Dance with these floating bubbles as the symbols on the mill align to point the way. They merge as one floating bubble that you send along the path of mill alignment. As it reaches the edge of the fourth ring, it vanishes to warp in and out of time-space through the matrix of many mills. Now what do you want? When it returns with more energy gathered, place your miracles that you want inside your bubble and release it to the universe.

Life Light Warmth Chemical
Mills now scattered were powered by calling down universe energy and calling up nature spirit.
Earth Air Fire Water
Gnome Sylph Salamander Undine

Constellation sequence: Fire Earth Air Water : most masc, fem, masc, most fem.

1st Phase: Know and own the variable resistance and release it. Without which continuance would be folly. Seeing it as weakness, as giving in, admitting defeat. I don't want to dredge it all up. I don't want to open Pandora's box. I'll have to reconcile and like someone I don't like, which is not true. I don't want to forgive them! I have no reason. Use the fact that I don't want to forgive, as my reason. Talk to child and adolescent selves, so they can agree.
2nd Phase: Grieve when something dies. Necessary and easy to do because something dies inside when you forgive. It is a part that is who you are and it will die when you truly forgive.
3rd Stage: Move yourself consciously thru the stages and phases of forgiveness; don't skip a step. Give it all a voice and audience in your head, not to silence a feeling by thinking it's not there or it will still be there and will resurface. Once said, it can stop. Indulge yourself within reality. Do it, feel it: Self-blame, poor me, aggression, righteousness. 3rd mirrors the 5th of becoming conscious of the whole event that happened.
4th Stage: Series of important things to remember: Forgive yourself first; even if you are not to blame, a part inside feels stupid for being there in the first place. Punishment never improves the situation. Forgive the why it was done; let what was done follow its own course. (A whole chapter on true v. erroneous reasons why familiar abuse and other manipulations occurred.) Give it a doorway by assigning forgiveness to a physical object that you can hold or focus upon. This is my symbol of forgiveness from now on. Though it does not have power on its own, it becomes a focal point and a portal for the power, through which the incredible force of forgiveness can flow.
5th Stage: Becoming conscious - how or why did I create this by causing or allowing - to freedom and integration
6th Stage: Process of forgiving
1. Think. Write it down. I am forgiving myself/someone for this reason.
2. Feel. How do the child, adolescent, ego and parent self feel about this offense?
3. Learn. Don't let be in vain. Learn your motivation. What will I learn from this?
4. Imagination, Visualize. Feel the remorse and sorrow and see the ugliness. Gather an offering of beauty from nature. Out of the offering comes a violet sphere and you take it and toss it into the air and it comes to rest on the unforgiven as you forgive the why this offense was committed. Doesn't have to be for what was done. Definitely reconcile if it is me that I am forgiving, but it is not necessary to reconcile with another. But I do have to set them free and myself - as the Warden of the prison created without forgiveness - free, because it is a responsibility.
5. Action. New actions will come to you, but start with reminding what you don't have to do: be uptight, defensive, obnoxious, nor controlling, don't have to lie, nor be conniving, suspicious and double-dealing.
6. Feel. How do the child, adolescent, adult self and positive ego feel now?
7. Think. Think about how it feels and resonate with forgiveness and re-enter the world.
7th Phase: Turn it over to the universe, to all that is, to goddess and higher self and to the magick.

Crucial things to forgiveness and to genuinely feeling remorse: You're human. You can and do make mistakes, it's expected that you will make mistakes. You're forgivable. You're prepared for mistakes and situations, and sometimes you're not. Your Needs and desires, though not all-encompassing, are important, you can motivate out of your Desire to grow, you're not being forced to grow, you have Character. A piece of Divinity resides in you. And from that position we can genuinely feel sorrow and forgive. Without remorse, it's not forgiveness that you're doing.

Last Life

Why not
1. I'm not ready; an idea that starts with I don't deserve. Or if I deserve, I'm just not good enough. Or if I'm good enough, I'm just NOT ENOUGH. I'm the best little inadequate person you've ever seen! No matter how good I am, I just don't have enough of the right stuff.
2. Or I'm not ready because I haven't learned my lessons. I know what my life lesson is (maybe, possibly) but haven't learned all my lessons yet, too many left to learn, I haven't accomplished all I came to do. The rip tide of that wave is, maybe I have done all I came to do and it was precious little. Certainly there must be more, please can't there be more. Isn't life more grand than this?
3. Fear that making such a decision is just one more duty and obligation that I couldn't possibly meet and live up to, it will just open some sort of Pandora's Box. I'd have to be so good and so strong all the time. After all, for someone whom this is the last lifetime, they have to achieve everything so perfectly, don't they?
4. Fear that it's just words to make such a choice, I don't have a right to make that choice, that's up to the Karma Lords. There are no Karma Lords. OK then it's up to god. The god described in all religious tones isn't really the god that's there. OK then it's up to god goddess all that is. But they always say yes. Well I don't care, it's up to SOMEBODY else! It's a decision that I am incapable of making! And people can get into a place where they think they shouldn't leave. What am I doing abandoning ship? It's a beautiful planet. It's just words; it's a decision that I shouldn't even want to make and cannot make.
For others, it's just words that I have said too many times in anger, in pain, in pity, in sorrow, like crying wolf too many times, too often, I don't have a right to say them again. There were times in my life when I just wanted to get out of here; I just wanted it all to end. I was in so much pain I just wanted to die. I begged and pleaded let this be the last time. I don't want to ever do it again. Sometimes my pleas were veiled in suicide threats. I've used up the words; I don't get to say them again. It's too painful to even say the words and mean it, because of the pain from which the words previously emerged.
5. Fear of failure and the feeling of humiliation, rejection, betrayal and abandonment that would accompany that failure. You see I have that decision as my back door because if I really get cornered, if I paint myself into a corner, I want to know that door is there and that I can make that choice if I really need to. If I make this choice now, I don't have my back door. I'd rather hold out for when I really need it. What if I make it there after this life and someone grabs me by the collar and says whoops not you? "But I made the choice!" "hahaha Sure you did, get back into the physical." It's too scary to think of such a decision. Someday when there is no other option, when it's the only way out, then I'll make such a choice. What if it's not real, what if I put that decision into action over the next several decades, however many there are, what if it's not real? What if it turns out that it wasn't my decision to make? I'd rather postpone that choice. The fear of failure is too scary.
6. I'm not ready there's too much negativity in me. I put on a good show but I know I'm riddled with too much darkness. It would be arrogance if I made such a choice.
7. I'm not ready. I want to keep living the lie. You see, you cannot live the highest truth; you cannot know the highest truth when you're living a lie. I am so close to getting vindication. I understand I can't have pity but I want to try and make my pity work even though no one else has. I'm so close that I want to keep living the lie. Maybe I can get by without love, maybe I can get by with just praise and a pat on the head. Maybe I can be the first person to get to the other side with my pity intact. Once I get my revenge then I'll give it up. Maybe I CAN keep people on the hook. So I don't want to make such a decision genuine, because I want to keep living the lie, maybe for as long as possible. I'm not ready to give up the lie.

Facing the Paradox
A paradox is 2 truths that contradict. We are taught and conditioned to believe that paradoxes are invalid, that they don't exist, it's not logical, and it doesn't follow the rules. Only one can be true and the other must be a misconception, "get off the fence," we are told. And if you can't accept one or the other then we must mush them together into pabulum some sort of palatable goop.
In the last few decades, science has progressed enough to know that all the power of a single Hydrogen atom is in the space between the proton and the electron and there is no power in either. Being there are those who want your power and don't want you don't have it, they will not tell you of the immense power that can be found in the space between 2 opposing truths. The key to making the decision that this is the last life, is to face the paradox not eliminate it, but to face it and sit with it, with an aggressive patience. The patient person is the one who looks again only more deeply and listens again only more clearly with an intensity of feeling, so to taste the paradox and its contradiction more completely. Patience is a tremendously aggressive action. Not all the paradoxes are ours to face and maybe not here but will help to see it.

1. Deciding this is the last lifetime, is it a Fear Choice or a Growth Choice? Actually it is both. So you must look to see why it is a fear choice and why it is growth choice. And you will not mush them together but fuse them together into an energy that will catapult you.
2. Is it a Right or Privilege? How did I earn the privilege? Or I don't need to earn it. It is right as a human being, not even the grace of god but simply because I am human I have a right. We must be able to make a believable argument for both to face the paradox.
3. Is it Insanity or Brilliant Genius? Argue for both and you have faced the paradox.
4. If I am Strong Enough to Leave then I am Ready to Stay. When I am strong enough stay, I am ready to leave. The paradox is when I am strong enough to make this the last lifetime, then I am most likely not to want to make this the last lifetime because it is so beautiful. When I am so weak that I can't imagine wanting to do this again, then I am incapable, a paradox of power.
5. Am I Giving up or Letting go? Am I giving up because I failed or couldn't find an answer, or am I walking away because I am done, because there is no more to be done? I could be seduced but there is no point to staying. Sometimes a problem is big enough to walk away from it, or small enough to stay with it until you're done. Sometimes it's the reverse, small enough to walk away or big enough to stay with it. Am I giving up or letting go? To see both is to see the paradox.
6. This kind is the paradox of Nobility of Struggle and Suffering v. the Endurance of Earning and Receiving. Do I go for the nobility of suffering or do I have the endurance and perseverance to earn and receive, because both produce growth. Earning was replaced with struggle because struggle takes less endurance.
7.Creator-CoCreator-Creator. To co-create I must first be a creator. And once I become a co-creator then I can truly create my own reality.
Giver-Receiver-Giver. Once I learn to give then I will know how to truly receive. Once I really receive then I can truly give, a paradox of power.

Magick Door
Slow it all down and sense as though time as stopped, heartbeat and blood flow halted.
Stop everything allegorically. See the metaphorical implication. a micro meditation
Color - Fragrance - Image = Energy Gathered
1. Black - Lemon or Cinnamon - Young Maiden with thorns and crown = Discernment
2. Violet - Lavender - Naked Strong Man = Strength and Confidence
3. Orange - Wisteria - Androgynous One = Truth
4. Green - Rose or Patchouli - Naked Powerful Woman = Understanding
Discernment Strength and Confidence Truth Understanding
After each fades to black then one will return. In time they may speak and give gifts to help you with this energy.
As a preface to other work, to gain:
1. Improvement of visualization
2. Heightening of emotional involvement
3. Enhancement of clarity of deeper answers and insights
4. Augmentation of success
Phase 1 of awakening:
1. Stop Feeling not good enough
2. Activating Miraculous Success
3. Utilizing Unknown Powers of Magickal Child
Phase 2 of awakening:
1. Ending Shame
2. Escaping the suffocating web of anxiety and perfection

Bedtime Stories
1. In bed and ready to sleep. Tap 3 times in 3 places; 6th, 5th and 4th Chakras. As you tap, the Dream Weavers come out from the corners to stand around your bed. Notice the dream-stealer is there as well to steal the dreams you don't ask to dream. Now ask 3 times, ask the Dream Weavers to help you weave the dream you want. You must ask 3 times. When you wake, do it again only this time to thank them, even if you don't remember the dream. Suggest that an engagement with soul is the first dream to request.
2. Magick Door
3. Co-Creator
4. Mind Meld
5. Soul's Call to Adventure
6. Life is a Dream

Running Energy
Balance Chakra centers and proceed. Orange light frequency is 463 trillion Hz A44. Visible range = 431 to 735 trillion Hz. Audible G-F, A4 = 440Hz.

Shape and strengthen EM field from the 2nd Chakra. First 3 patterns are masculine flows spinning without much effort. Second 3 are feminine flows that require more focus to keep them running. A brilliant blinding ball of energy emerges from the 2nd point.
1. Vertically spinning up the front and down the back running on its own, fast as light streaking around you, it moves left and right and back to the center and stops at point of origin.
2. Horizontally spinning moving up and down, and back to center and stops at point of origin.
3. Diagonally spinning fills diagonal corners, sealed in now it returns point of origin.
4. Vertically running Figure 8 crossing point of origin.
5. 33 degree Spiral moving up and down, coming to rest at the left foot
6. Figure 8 through the feet and hands crossing point of origin
7. Random combination of previous 6

Activate : Miraculous Success
Love is the heaviest and sinks to the bottom of the pool of emotion. The analogy: To get the Treasure we must feel the deep expansive emotions with intensity. Understand the treasures and the fears of taking the plunge. Review Criteria 6: Miraculous Success is manifesting desires and expectations they have for you. Expect miracles. When considering the depth of emotion there is fear.
1. We've been taught to stay out of the deep water or out of the water all-together. It's too sensitive. It is too unpredictable, too moody, frightening, and uncontrollable. Fear of being rejected. "Emotional men are weak" we are taught it is wrong, bad or trouble making.
2. Afraid of what I'll find there, in the depth of emotion. Not afraid of anger as much as I pretend. Love, intimacy and expansive emotions are far more terrifying; so afraid to find out I am capable of more love than I know.
3. Fear of getting lost or being controlled by emotion
4. Fear of being too intense
5. Fear I'll go off the deep end
6. Fear my life will change; I might change, friends, jobs and outlooks might change
7. Fear of responsibility that if I create a field of force that will lift me out of the muck, I'll be accountable for the reality I create.

When I function within my destiny and meaning, my life works. I don't learn negative lessons. There is no personality diploma.

Treasure Chest
1. Intensity of love and enthusiasm creates a field of force that will lift me to Character that is automatic, spontaneous and instinctive
2. Genius mentality, Genuine Strength and Real Motivation (See Battlefield#2)
3. Prolific Creative Imagination that perceives, conceives, perceives again and feels your life
4. Miracle attractors are Spirited Dignity Intensity and Freedom. A depth of feeling that perceives higher-self
5. Identity
6. Meaning & Destiny
7. Personality & Image

Those who refuse to feel emotion will not understand what is being said.
Those who dabble in the shallows will get a hint.
Those who have started to explore the depth and been scared off will taste something.
Those who have gone into the depth and reached the depth will feel homesick.

Wonder of Wonder New Intimacy, New Love
The consensus fears and laments wonder. It laments because innocence is lost far too quickly and with it wonder is crashed and dashed upon the rocks called reality. Wonder is feared for fear that it will return too soon for it is often the harbinger of old age and being useless, in a world where productivity and value are defined so exclusively by bank-ability and profitability. Lamented because wonder ends too quickly and feared because it returns too fast. The very young and very old are encouraged to cling to wonder because too quickly it leaves and too soon it may be all that remains. The consensus considers wonder to be only for a rare genius, for the very young or the very old.

Wonder Components
1. Wonder is a particular kind of Innocence and Wisdom that calls your Heart and Mind to marvel.
2. Wonder is Curiosity and Courage that calls your Soul and Spirit to speak its language of imagination and creativity, to reveal more of the self, of the greater and lesser self.
3. Wonder is Aliveness and Allure (a seduction) that calls You to always search for that which surpasses and is always becoming; to stretch and reach for new heights and new depths of that which you cannot fathom.
4. Wonder is Conviction and Perseverance that calls You to lift the voice that asks, "What's so of goodness truth and beauty" and to lower the voice that says, "So what" to goodness truth and beauty.

Examples of Wonder's ability
1. Wonder Deepens love, intimacy, and perspective. Love takes on a new meaning. Knowing that love carries possibility of loss makes each moment together more precious.
2. Awakens passion, magick, beauty and life in you
3. Opens us to depths of reflection of reality and self with Luminous Intent
4. Reveals secrets of my success
5. Opens us to the resources of spirituality and gateways to ecstasy and beauty
6. Awakens the transcendent self and the more real
7. Deepens your perception and you see thru the eyes of love, passion reflection success ecstasy and thru Transcendence itself

Laments Fears Reluctance and Recoiling
1. Lack of Wonder: You have not wondered about wonder but only wondered about mundane things, assumed it kept you away from the answers, or there's something wrong with you as a woman or weak man, a prevailing attitude in the consensus about wonder.
2. Fear of the components: Innocence is vulnerable. Being wise is too much responsibility. Curiosity killed the cat. But hope brought it back. Conviction and perseverance are too risky, out on a limb. Don't stand up and don't stand out.
3. Fear of the unknown, fear of the possible, the future and the past. Negative unknowns carry more weight than positive unknowns.
4. Emptiness hollowness alienation homelessness that is in so many who feel there is no meaning to life and no significance in their life. So many people's light has gone out, don't know who, what or where they are, lack of human dignity.
5. Choice is deliriously frightening. Wonder threatens and risks having to choose.
6. Most delicate and obtuse: Fear once again.
  1. With wonder there is solitude that is too close to the fire of loneliness.
  2. Forgiveness is too close to indebtedness.
  3. Significance and existence, meaning and being come too close to anxiety and dread, which threaten existence. Dread would have no meaning if I didn't exist.
  4. Dignity is too close to the fire of tragedy. Tragedy is the loss of dignity. The beautiful flaw of the tragic hero will not accept the loss of dignity and will fight and die to protect it.
  5. Love is too close to the fire of loss.

7. Lacking awareness of the ingredients that mix to create Wonder
  1. Humility - Knowing it can be different - Anything is possible
  2. Grace is given. There is no other way to get it. Grace is being totally natural like a bird in flight. You're not driven by drive, nor controlled by instinct, nor haunted and motivated out of need or by mechanisms.
  3. Active participation
  4. Becoming more conscious
  5. Active surrender
  6. Resonance
  7. Conscience based on human dignity, not based on guilt

Find a way in, into the chaos and unknown and into the wonder
1. Know what it is
2. Owning and healing your resistance
3. Actively deciding what you claim from Wonder's abilities
4. Resonance. The first 3 set the tone and you will start to wonder spontaneously. Everything has a frequency of vibration ...
5. Luminous Intent
6. Let wonder show you
7. Let wonder show you

Voices of Illuminance are to
1. Clarify
2. Expose Goodness and Truth
3. Brighten with Spirit
4. Expand the Scope of Comprehension with Meaning and Value
5. Embellish with Beauty
6. Reveal New Sparks and Dreams
7. Light with Celebration - Honor and respect of making Sacred

Negative fear is an excuse; an excuse to be weak, not trust and take Payoff. That fear makes you forget where you are going and what you're about. It gives you permission to feed your ego. Fear used positively makes you turn around and go home. Free will allowed you to step out of the harmony to find your identity. With free will you can step back in, but you got scared and allowed others to make decision for you.

You are alone in a small cabin overlooking the Battlefield with greenish-black smoke rising in the distance as fear musters its potency. "It's soon enough to do battle." Surrender the payoff, which the fear protects. Burn the paper on which the payoff is written, permission slip to struggle and payoffs.

1. Play it Thru. See the worst that can happen and create alternate plans. Rise above the avalanche and put it back together in meditation.
2. Feel self pity for 10 minutes, force it.
3. See apple pie and ice cream, anything irrational, unrelated to the fear.
4. Stop everything, stop the movie in meditation, step out and see yourself in this soap opera. Just one life in the 100s or 1000s you've had/have.
5. See it as the illusion it is.
6. Fill yourself with Love, Hope and Courage entering the head and flushing out the fear, out the feet and keep it flowing.
7. Replace fear with the antidote.

Narcissism Cure: Age (or acid burns) Greatest fear for the narcissist is humiliation.
Fear of Humiliation: Replace with laughter and Joy. Step outside to see the humor. See the fun, humor and silliness of life. Then think of something else that will make them laugh again while you're at it. Life is a series of moments that pass. Surf the wave. Let it go. There will be another.
Fear of Vulnerability: Courage is willingness to take risk when there is no risk; strong enough to be hurt and can heal.
Fear of Being Hurt: Love. Do something loving for someone else.

Fear Greatest
4. Abandonment
3. Betrayal
2. Rejection
1. Humiliation

Agenda - Secret Agenda Every Agenda has a secret agenda and the buttered agenda that the world of others see.
All Agendas evaporate while being loving.
1. Self Reliance - To Control
2. Vindication - To be Free of Pain
3. Self Pity - Approval or to Control Manipulate and Dominate. Mirrors Violence
4. Self Determination - Wanting to be Loving (not yet being loving), Wanting Mental and Emotional Dominion
5. Revenge - Fancy Word for Violence
6. Validation - To be Free of the Past
7. Manipulation - Wanting Power

Fulcrum of Balance found in:
1.Wisdom 2.Shadows 3.Boundary 4.Responsibility 5.Direction 6.Love and Will 7.Authority

Fantasy without Wisdom is at risk of becoming fanaticism.
Illumination without Shadows can be blinding and deafening. The true believer follows blindly.
Guidance without Boundary risks Co-Dependency, entitlement and addiction.
Freedom without Responsibility becomes tyranny.
Movement without Direction risks chaos, frenzy and insanity.
Love without Will risks pain, apathy and violence.
Will without Love risks manipulation and control.
Presence without Authority risks despair.

Luminous Intent
Notice Agenda. Example luminous reflection:
Whining, what's under that, what are you trying to get?
poor me, what's under that?
to get someone else to pity me, what's under that?
to get them to do something for me, what's under that?
control, what's under that?
It's not the end that counts it's the journey. "Gee that's great, here's a flower." It's not just a pretty idea, it also happens to be true. The steps you take to get there count. Start living it. It now gets lighter.
safety, what's under that?
peace, what's under that?
power, what's under that?
freedom, what's under that?
I feel OK and that's enough. Establish a vibe of OK-ness. Stay there and feel being okay for 10 or 20 minutes. You might weep, not whining, but weep with joy. You may tingle or be in a sacred place, a peak experience of ecstasy ... I am okay. What you're going for is a good thing. But what does being okay do to a desire to control? I don't need to control. I don't need to manipulate. It's icky. The core Battlefield is a bridge to change cannot be crossed.

Enneagram Type - Personality Drive
Driven to be or not to be that is the question. Being - Action
Typology surpassing the consensus: Here's a short test.
1. Be good - To do the right thing and have the rightness
2. Be loved - To make a difference
3. Be beautiful, successful - To Achieve (exalted achievements filled with joy)
4. Be authentic unique original - To have identity
5. Be able - Think to unravel the secrets of life and satiate the questions
6. Be safe and secure - To have support and guidance
7. Be adventurous, enthusiastic and appreciative - To experience
8. Be self reliant (not needy) - To protect self
9. Be at peace - To make the peace
   Self-reliance is also the visible agenda of wanting to control. The 4th is your security point and 8th is your stress point if you're a 2.
           Security Point <----------------------------> Stress Point
Light - Darker Sides of Drive
1. Be Good and Right - Judgmental
2. Helper - Expects the Empathy to come back, doh! Cynicism and Giving up
3. Beauty - Being too logical. Obsessive
4. Original - Melancholy
5. Core drive. The thinker's darkness is overemphasis on form and things created at the expense of feminine feeling. It's called chauvinism.
6. Having the Guidance - Entitlement and Unreasonable Fears
7. Adventurer - Undependable and Alienated
8. Self Reliant - Be the Boss. To Control.
9. Peace Maker - Lacking passion that is found in chaos.

3 instinctual variants to balance, which describe a mental focus:
Self-preservationist - Focus of survival and personal space
Companionship - Intimate relationships
Social - Focus on group issues

Glamoury Mends Alliance
Soul, Spirit, Subconscious, Unconscious, Higher Conscious, yourself, truer self, future self, child, adolescent, unseen friend are examples of alliances that can need mending. A forgotten alliance is a broken alliance with whom we are no longer interacting. Or if we have no method of working with an alliance, it is a broken alliance. Mending alliances is a prequel and sequel to forgiving the unforgivable - Forgiveness. The one and only reason anything is unforgivable is because an alliance was broken by the action or event. Those with whom we have an alliance never break our connection. The event broke it for us. If an alliance gets broken it makes the other alliances weak and brittle, as if we need them all. Important to understand that they are always willing to mend the connection. Being our alliance is why they are there.

You are lost and you find a chalice that seems to guide you somehow. It stops leading you and you're still lost. Draw with chalice in hand the 5-pointed star with pentagram in the middle. A trail of one of the elements it leaves in the air. The pentagram opens large enough to step thru. Breath of the Sisters warms the cauldron. They are imagined as the most vibrant women that only motherhood can give or as points of light. Into the pot you put the pain, sorrow, hurt, remorse and the forgiveness given and received. Then the 9 sisters come to work the magick of Glamoury, they bring and add:

1. Stirring
2. Love to Graciously Give
3. Joy
4. Dominion
5. Healing Balm
6. Nurturing to make all well
7. Challenge
8. Wisdom
9. Compassion

You and Higher Self can do anything together. One of the sisters interrupts the reverie with Higher Self and takes your chalice. Fills it overflowing and hands it back to you. With a sip or two you pass it back and forth with Higher Self until it's gone. You collapse. They catch you and carry you back to safety.

If you've seen the movie Dogma, you somewhat know the meaning: "A Seraphim, the highest choir of angel" appears in a ball of fire in Bethany's room and she puts him out with a fire extinguisher. "Sweet Jesus, do you have to use the whole can?! The Metatron acts as the voice of the Almighty. Any yahoo that says god has spoken to them, well he's talking to me, or he's talking to himself." Why doesn't god speak for himself? "Glad you decided to join the conversation. Human beings have neither the emotional nor psychological capacity to withstand the awesome power of god's true voice. Were you to hear it, your mind would cave in and your heart would explode. We went through 5 atoms before we figured that one out."

The day after I made this entry, I found the "Celestial Hierarchy" and noticed amazing similarity but with several undefined Latin words.

Seraph is Nature and Cherub to the consensus means "to bless," which are close to the defined Beauties.

St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, reconciles the theology of East and West when he unites the reasoning of St. Gregory with that of St. Denys (i.e. St. Dionysius the Areopagite). He incorrectly listed the angels in three orders of three. That's only for the 9 Muses.
I.  1. Seraphim
    2. Cherubim
    3. Thrones
II. 4. Dominions
    5. Virtues
    6. Powers
III. 7. Principalities
    8. Archangels
    9. Angels

Now the correct version:

Domains of Unconscious Presence
Where True Identity Finds Beauty to Embellish Life
1. Rapport with Nature and Reality - Love for the elements and appreciation of your environment
2. True Great Work that makes a better world
3. Exalted Achievements that are filled with Joy
4. Peace & 7 Truths of Dominion (2000)
5. Virtue and Strength is the application of power with consistency
6. Power
7. Principle
8. Co-Creating Touch with the Archetypes
9. Rapport with Divinity - Rapport with a Love that needs no reason

Temporal Lobe Sensitivity
Known to current science is the fact that all physical senses, except for the sense of smell, are filtered through the Temporal lobes of the brain, which can function as a second set of senses, allowing a person to sense more than this world.

Clues for children who have TLS:
1. Excessive disassociation - "Out of body"
2. Excessive real and alive imagination not just "imagination." Emotions that seem impossible to control, "so drug them," the ugly consensus concurs. - "Out of world"
3. Just knew you were different, a flaw, broken
4. Instinctive different worldview - "you create your own reality" made sense to you, something that people can be taught to do, but cannot be taught to believe. Instinctively knowing what they were teaching in church wasn't right. Being a "problem child" because everyone else seemed to be the "broken record."
5. Electromagnetic experience because of overactive chakras - excessive 2nd Chakra fascination. Electrical stuff starts or stops working in your presence.
6. Excessive creativity, savant-like creativity
7. Having real issues around control and freedom - "I must control" could be just a bully or could be TLS. Or control trips are abhorrent. - I must be free or no freedom whatsoever, do everything for me Mommy.

Clues for Adult Onset TLS:
1. Ringing in your ears or "right eye headaches," the eye aches.
2. Sacrum or very low back pain or throbbing joint pain that they call arthritis, "in your bones" feeling the electromagnetic of a storm that's coming and backing up in the body.
3. The Child Clues come alive.
4. Sporadic surges of creativity, intuition, imagination, and inner guidance and then it's gone.
5. Interplays with synchronicity - all kind of synchronicity occur that only TLS can pick up. When synchronicity occurs, Archetypes at play, magick afoot.
6. The nature of our dreams suddenly changes from vague to real or the content changes dramatically
7. Having many spiritual crises that changes us profoundly. Could be positive or negative.

Having a few or more of these clues may suggest Temporal Lobe Sensitivity.

1. Love
2. Trust
3. Enthusiasm
4. Expectation of your dreams becoming reality, powerful and strong enough to love and be loved

1. Bounty
2. Autonomy
3. Exalted Giving
4. Co-creation
5. Active Conscious Participation
6. Celebration
7. Triumph
Mental Emotion and Spiritual Abundance

Timeless Energy
1. Yearning Longing
2. Curiosity
3. Enthusiasm Excitement
4. Wonder
5. Passion Pleasure
6. Love
7. Will

Gateways to the Unknown
Resonance by which you can enter. Resolve the issue of Trust by developing the appropriate gates.
1. Rite of Dying - Metaphoric Imaging: Journey to the Center of the Earth
Black red white on a good day to die. The light so bright calls you to the Land of the Dead. Descending by the Crimson Cave. Black red white. To the Door. Sucked in onto the "Yellow Brick Road." To a village of Ancients who will ask for a gift and this one will guide to the light balls of truths, beauty and ecstasy, yet to be exposed.
2. Initiation of Encounters - Ritual of encountering the elements:
Open a door in nature, village with a well, etc. Spiral staircase with braided banister of white black and red ropes. Sit with the Fire and listen to its secrets. Step into the underground river of black Water and listen to its secrets. Cross the river to Air-guarded crack, to a secret room, listen to the secrets of the Earth. Let the door open, a sliver of light, you go thru to the destination you want.
3. Midbrain Sunrise:
Draw your consciousness to Pituitary gland, 6th Chakra. Shrinking becoming denser, smaller until it turns inside out and disappears. In a narrow corridor with a dim light, come to a pool, a still reflecting enchanting pond before dawn. A crimson light as the sun rises reflecting in the pool. Slip into the still water at dawn, submerge and emerge onto the ribbon of road.
4. Mystic Mill - Align to the Underworld:
Nature spirit with whom you have a rapport guide can guide you. Step into a tree and become the tree, turn and step out of the tree into the Underworld. Fall down a rabbit hole, etc.
5. Unconcious Gateways
Double Doors. Image for "Brain Sync"
Talismon of 2 triangles in 2 circles
Pillars of Strength and Mercy, the Daath
6. Portal in Forbidden Zone in the Subconscious
7. Signature Portal: After having a rapport with entering, you can create your own with Higher Self. But rejuvenate by using the classics often. Signature Portal not is used if you haven't been there in a while.

2 Classics for the Causal
1. Thru the rip in time and space. Ask for help finding it from the Derelict. Sucked in and soaring on love or fear, circling to come to a landing.
2. Pineal Pituitary. Swing back and forth and stop at the Pineal (in back). Shaking until exploding straight up then soar down to land.

Standing wave that emerges from the liminal, between harmonic frequencies of vibration, oscillating with greater amplitude than the emissions : a quality that makes something personally meaningful or important to someone. The interference pattern of harmonic frequencies of vibration does not cause the Standing Wave. Rather it emerges from the liminal, from nowhere. The core type of Magick.

Successful relations with all that is : the ability to walk proudly into the arms of love : the true work of coming home.

Courage is willingness to admit where we are wrong in the pursuit of what is right. The opposite of courage is automatic and blind conformity. Courage is taking risks when there really is no risk. Strong enough to be hurt and can heal.

Shrinking from or refusing to face the truth

Adherence to rules that support Ideal Reality - or it all crumbles.

Mature : Relationships
An immature relationship is the source of aliveness. A mature relationship is an expression of our aliveness.

Principles are the rules by which you decide you will live; only principles support ideal reality.

Mensch n. pl. mensches or menschen (mnshn) Informal : A person having admirable characteristics, such as fortitude and firmness of purpose.

Passionate spontaneous interaction that leads to being known better than you know yourself, and knowing someone better than they know their self.

Knowing that even though it has always been this way, it can go differently, it will be different. Not having just one answer for every issue, in the moment and see each person for what they are, intricately linked with "passionate spontaneous interaction." It can be different, not always as it were. Free of whatever happened in the past, not arrogant.

Seeing the bigger picture while not losing sight of the current picture. Seeing the current picture while not losing sight of the bigger picture.
Invest your energy in who you're becoming, not who you've been. Basically seeing the Current and the Big picture at the same time. It's the big picture they are so near sighted to see; really hard to see, nearly impossible without the correct education, which hardly anyone has for you. There is no identity if you don't know what you have to give. That makes you a clone of everyone else who have nothing to give. Just because you pretend to own something and have some cash, does not make you valuable. Anything you can't take with you is worthless. What do you have that is worth something? Everyone goes silent. They really don't want to hear about reality; too much fluoride in the water.

Honoring your emotional nature and that of others.

Earned love. Love that you earn is different to the love that is given. Other terms for the love that is given, goddess and mother.

Feeling emotions to the full depth of them, but getting out of that depth as quickly as you entered. You glide through reality like a warm knife through soft butter.

Patience is not really a matter of time but a matter of paying attention to detail. Patience is a quality of love. Love is patient.

Joy and Peace, Serenity and Exhilaration, Inspiration and Enchantment, Wonder and Awe, all in the same moment. Beauty demands that you honor Curiosity.

Dedicated: dedication of divine delightful excellence

When love becomes sacred (standing out) and/or dedicated, the fear of loss exponentially expands. "I may love Love, but the hallows of love terrify me." Passion is found in the hallows of beauty, love and enchantment - a love where miracles happen.

Miracle Criteria : Miracles have 7 criteria, but basically when anything turns out better than we expected

To let stand out something of Beauty, Love, Enchantment or Solitude is to make Sacred

Self Pity
The seed of all problems, manipulation. Whenever you manipulate you're hurting someone. Being a real emotion, pity can be positive if used to change yourself rather than manipulate.

: original mold : formless form : universal glue
22 Major Arcana of the Tarot are renditions of the objective archetype. There are more than 22 by the way. They are giants of consciousness at the edge of reality, the "glue of creation." If they stopped doing what they do, everything would cease as though it never were. When synchronicity occurs, Archetypes at play, magick afoot. The Artists of every age who have felt the presence tried use their artistry to capture the light, the substance, the harmony, or the love of the formless form, a rendition of the objective Archetype, through painting, poetry, music, or philosophy. In the passing wake of an archetype, the matrix is reset.

Healing section describes creation and un-creation:
Creation is Resonance, resonance is not creation. Resonance is an attractor. Resonance is the source of all creation within the dimensional space-time universe of illusion - vast and mighty albeit. Interference pattern is required, one creator theory is not possible.

Initiate Co-Creation
Understand its importance. Be willing to work with the Archetypes. To set in motion Co-Creation Magick:
1. Harnessing and transmuting your negative ego's energy
2. Be in touch with your Fulcrum of Balance
3. Have clear and Luminous Intent. Even if the intent is revenge, go with it but don't stay with it. Go with it to a higher octave of intent.
4. Focus
5. Have clear and luminous sense of hope, of expectation and anticipation
6. Negotiation to make peace with yourself, with magick, the Archetype, with whom you're going co-create.
7. Allow the Commerce of magick - the working, the business of making magick -
To know why it's so critical to work - To have a sense of the Archetypes (Not a full understanding), you have to be the Fool - To Step out there even though you don't know where you're going. You need a way of setting in motion Co-Creation Magick.

Chapter 11 Napoleon Hill. Stimuli to which the mind responds (achieving genius mentality and creative imagination) most freely
1. Passion for pleasure (2nd Chakra)
2. Love
3. Desire for fame, power, or financial gain, MONEY
4. Music
5. Friendship between either those of the same sex, or those of the opposite sex.
6. Master Mind alliance based upon the harmony of two or more people who ally themselves for spiritual or temporal advancement.
7. Mutual suffering, such as that experienced by people who are persecuted.
8. Auto-suggestion / independent thinking: process of suggestion in which the person unconsciously or consciously supplies the means of influencing his own behavior or beliefs. Inducing self-acceptance and acceptance of an opinion, belief, or plan of action.
9. Fear
10.Narcotics and alcohol (destructive)

Death is relief and release for everyone no exceptions. No one goes to hell. Nobody get punished because punishment never did one bit of good. You get to play heaven for a while and everything goes right, eventually deciding to expand ... choice is available there also; it's how I got here.

Rube's Mantra
Rube's Mantra is you can't have it both ways. To have reality you have to let go of the illusion. What might seem to the ego as losing your grip on this reality. Which we have to do someday anyway. "Everybody dies" - Dead Like Me. Only *this time around, there's another option.

Worst Thing that could happen Seems it has already happened - to be somebody who made a difference for nobody. Mostly worried this heart will break again. That's no illusion, but real. Happiness begins with my favorite people. I only see their illusion on the tube; not real in my life. What's wrong with this common denominator. Clearly I am going to break again. How long? "Oh lighten up. It will only *feel* like an eternity." Sorry I could not make a difference. I did want to, but the world is just sorrow to the empath. Take me away, to a place this heart can shine. "... doesn't give you more than you can handle"... ? What do think kills people if not that; the best thing that could happen. After this is a place more to heart's content, no expections. But did we learn to never look back?

True Identity
1. Personality Drive
2. Elements
3. Aspects
4. Strengths
5. Players
6. Archetypes
7. Domains of Beauty
8. Trinity - In the beginning She placed three pools of resonance into this bubble we call the universe. One pool was very dark and gave no light at all. Souls from this pool do not have the capacity for love and never will. They have names since we named the stars, Sirius, Pleiades and Orion. Which one are you?
9. Inspiration - Knowing what you have to give.

A whole that is greater that the sum of its parts. 7 colors are in the rainbow - 7 is the magick number and there are 7 steps to a complete process. Positions 1,2,3 mirror and reflect 7,6,5 respectively, where 1 reflects 7, 2-6, 3-5 and 4th is the core. Position 2 is most profound and 5 is the lock and key.

4 aspects of a structured Human creation are Subconscious, Unconscious, Higher Conscious, and 12 Faces of You are aspects of you - this conscious being.

Faces of Soul - Feminine counterpart to the masculine created you.

Alliances that can be broken: Soul, Spirit, Subconscious, Unconscious, Higher Conscious, yourself, truer self, future self, child, adolescent, unseen friend. Glamoury mends broken alliances - by the 9 Sisters of the Cauldron with a mysterious brew.

A love that needs no reason


Calliope Clio Euterpe Erato Melpomene Polyhymnia Terpsichore Thalia Urania.
Walk around and climb the mound, encountering the muses in 3 stages on the Circle of Love. To know, which one awakens, changes, frees you.

Awakening Muse
1. Thalia: Humor and Innocence
2. Clio: Tradition and Heritage
3. Calliope: Heroic Voice

Transformation Muse
4. Terpsichore: Dance Movement Motion (terp-sik'-or-i eta η) Τερψιχορη
5. Melpomene: Dignity and Tragedy
6. Erato: Balladeer Poet Reciter Storyteller

Cleansing, Clearing and Freeing Muse
7. Euterpe: Music of a singular note, flute-like voice
8. Polhymnia: Choral sacred multi-note voice
9. Urania: Celestial Voice

Passion is the combination of 4 distinctive energies that come together and explode.
1. Love that knows no constriction and restriction - Love without boundary.
2. Unconfined and unharnessed enthusiasm, an excitement saturated and imbued with a sense of the divine and immortality. Passion is unbridled enthusiasm.
3. Insatiable need, desire and drive
4. Unending longing for the intimacy that with blending and balance brings oneness, a longing and yearning for oneness.

These are the stuff of passion. Any one or two or three of them doesn't spark passion. But when all 4 combine there is combustion.

Passion can get lost in several places but one place is in the hallows of beauty, love and enchantment. What happens when enchanted moments become divine? What happens when beauty suddenly becomes sacred? What about when all of a sudden the love we feel has a sense of ineffability, a sense of being holy? Beauty around me and beauty that suddenly becomes sacred are two different things. One I love and the other can be frightening. When love becomes sacred, the fear of loss exponentially expands. "I may love love but the hallows of love terrify me." Passion lies in the hallows of beauty, love and enchantment, a love where miracles happen. Passion often resides in that rare and precious love that is on the other side of fear, in the pinnacles of freedom beyond the fear. Most people are afraid to go where passion might be, in the chaos, in the unknown, in the hallows, or that place that is so precious and rare beyond the fears.

Passion Stealers : Original : Archetypal
Malevolency - Benevolency
1. The Trickster - Magician
2. The Outlaw or Outsider - Rebel
3. The Judge - The Critic
4. The Enrage - Outrage at the Injustice & Call to Action
5. The Mad Woman destroys what it loves - Beautiful Madness of Creativity
6. The Debt Maker - The Forgiver
7. The Obsessive Addictive Dark Love - Light & Sacred Love
8. The Mysterious Other

Passions Awake
1. Wisdom
2. Sensing Soul more richly to utilize awakened passions.
3. Take energy from the Stealer and give to the Benevolent one.
4. Encounter the Muse on the Mound of Love.
5. Steamy Breath of Passion. Lay down with a hot cloth, with drop of Chamomile, Lavender or Rose oil, on your face. Breathe in and fill your body with desire, need and drive, heart with love, mind with freedom. Repeat 4 statements: As I sleep in gentle repose my Passions Awaken. As I drift into gentle silence my soul calls me. As I dream I respond to my soul's call to adventure. I sleep I drift I dream. (Take the cloth off your face)
6. Chronicle your passions. Write it down. What were the childhood passions prior to the wound? What drove you then and what happened to them? Do you still have any of them? Translate the form into a new metaphor, into a new form. The same passion in a new light.
7. The Grace of Challenge and Competition to draw out the best in each other, the strength and talent. Physically: Push it to the limit and just beyond to push yourself to edge, in the absolute glorious spent feeling experience the passion. Emotional or mental challenge: Same thing, push it. Then look again at the metaphors in the challenge, and passion will awake and we begin to understand soul's call to adventure.

It's a new kind of permission and authority to be empowered; to hear your soul more clearly and to respond. To understand what your passions are, so you can utilize them productively and safely for victory, value, love, meaning and empowerment - The stuff of metamorphosis.

The Nemesis, the 4th and core player wants to right the wrongs by payment from the guilty. But see that can backfire on us, so we right the wrongs by helping the injured, our only concern. Any simple mistake and there must be some negative extraction if our Personal Nemesis has punished others. It's really a good idea not to punish since the Personal Nemesis treats everyone the same including you, and doesn't play favorites. Yikes!

Not a process but a structure to build

1.-- Foundation for Undoing
1. Perspective, I'm going to be that reminder to the world that violence is senseless - I wont curl up and die - I wont cooperate with the world - I caused or allowed - now I will make a difference in the world and celebrate that difference.
2. Forgive myself for the feeling that something is wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with me.
3. Forgive myself for the delicacy of my sensitivity, for the delicacy of my vibration, for the delicacy of my sense of sensibility.
4. Own my strength - get in touch with that strength of determination to survive and self-reliance, strength of compassion for Humanity - obviously your strengths because you are still here, it did not kill you.

2.-- Technique - Build the foundation first
1. Remember - feel the rage, fear and horror of the nightmare that occurred. Feel the wanting to die. Feel intentionally now, not because it's attacking me, but because I am attacking it.
2. Bring in an energy. You have a higher self. Sense this higher force behind you. With a nightmare before, higher energy behind you, this whoosh of spun light comes from behind to envelope the nightmare. Now contained, shrink this ball of light enclosing the nightmare, shrink it to a baseball size and throw it away.

3.-- Face the consequences - what do I think will be the consequences be if I throw this away?
I can't use it as an excuse, I could live with other "normal" whole people, free to love. Doesn't mean I have to do that, but I have to release or accept the consequences, so they aren't stopping me. The Objector/Protector voice has all the reasons why not and might object - might be time to disagree with that voice.

4.-- I've ripped the nightmare out of me and threw it away, now there is a hole in me where the nightmare used to be, and it will fill again with the same stuff over time, so I must fill the void with healing light. Imagine this light coming in my head filling that hole and flushing out the pain, pushing out the deep seeded hurt.

Lacking the capacity to care for another, self-centered

No longer self-centered and gained the capacity of empathy and caring for another person. The shift was supposed occur at the time of wounding. For most people, this shift never happened. Fee child + curios adolescent + nurturing parent (transaction analysis term) + love = Adult loving someone, caring about another.

Overemphasis of masculine energy at the expense of feminine energy. Form is masculine and soul is feminine. "Male-Chauvinism" is a misnomer having nothing to with gender.

Connecting Sean Stephenson
Sean & Clinton
1. Use their name when speaking
2. Eye contact creates the bubble
3. Ask their opinion
4. Touch and physical contact - Hand sandwich
Sean & Dalai Lama
1. A smile that can melt an angry soldiers heart
2. Sense of playfulness and wisdom
3. Listening - therapist is a professional listener
Sean & Richard Branson
1. Smooth calm voice - Panic is powerless
2. Ask questions
3. Trying to prove something is arrogance. The confident one only wants to improve. Get permission to brag.
Give praise & be real with vulnerability. You let them in by being real. Pop the invisible comfort zone bubble to be with another.

Deja vu
The mysterious magick of choice defines points of crossing timelines. There are many if not infinite timelines. All time is simultaneous. We are consciousness without form so we "remember" these points of crossing to different future timelines. Crossing timelines gives us the feeling called Deja vu.

Healing with Resonance
Beyond Physics - (meta physics) RESONANCE

Creation is resonance, resonance is not creation. Resonance is an attractor. Resonance is the source of all creation within the dimensional space-time universe of illusion - vast and mighty albeit.

Every form emits and radiates several frequencies of vibration. When two or more emissions overlap, becomes an interference pattern. Some waves cancel or amplify and can create a new frequency. In time, out of this interference pattern, a standing wave of resonance will be formed; not just the combination or interactions of those frequencies, preformed form is a Standing Wave that emerges out of this inference pattern.

When two vibrations come together, in the Interference Pattern, one will raise in frequency or lower to the other. Or they will meet somewhere in the middle.

When two vibrations come together, eventually a standing wave will emerge. (Us together) Resonance is the standing wave that emerges; and out of resonance attracting energy, something is created. Resonance is the Standing Wave that emerges with greater amplitude than the emissions.

Creation is the collapsed resonance - an illusion. Halting emissions un-creates the collapsed resonance. There is no stuff, only energy units of collapsed resonance from the Interference Pattern of emissions. Discussion tangent to Archetypes.

There is a kind of achievement and level of achievement, a quality of achievement and accomplishment that only exists in the realm of dominion with the essence of success; dominion is the opposite of domination. Martyrs, drama queens and manipulators can have accomplishment and success, and the trappings, but not the essence of success.

Resonance can turn words into action. Resonance can turn desire into reality - into the more love and the more healing. Resonance is the core Magick type. Resonance is the source of all creation.

SEVEN concepts or ideas to remember when healing yourself and your world with the source of all creation - RESONANCE
1. Resonance is the standing wave that emerges out of the Interference Pattern created by two or more overlapping frequencies of vibration. Every form emits and radiates several frequencies of vibration out from itself.

2. Once resonance is acquired then collapse is possible. Energy is brought into formation and it becomes form, realized or not, something is created.

3. Once these many emitted frequencies acquire resonance, becomes its own new frequency of vibration. New creation happens. When you acquired resonance, you took form, which you pretend is the real you - the product of you, an 8th wave out of which precipitated you - thru an energy field, an etheric body, thru an auric field and lastly you, this created you.

... more concisely, 7 concepts or ideas to remember ::
1. Interference Pattern - an overlapping mish-mosh - waves of emitted EM heart-energy.
2. Every form before it becomes form has several frequencies of vibration out of which emerges a resonance, which draws and attracts energy into formation to eventually become form.
3. As forms interact, this can produce a resonance and bring about new creation.
4. 5. 6.
7. Resonance can change the resistance and impedance.
Resonance can change the sources of emissions.
Resonance can change you because it is more powerful than you.
Resonance can change love because it is more powerful than love.
Resonance can change its own Interference Pattern out of which the resonance emerged.
Resonance can change the way you interact with the love that changes you.

... most concisely, 7 concepts or ideas to remember ::
1. Resonance is the Standing Wave that emerges from the interference patterns.
2. Preformed form - energy is brought into formation - the law of resonance - Once resonance is acquired then collapse is possible.
3. Collapse and manifestation. New creation happens.
4. Resonance is not created. Resonance emerges out of Interference Pattern.
5. Resonance is not creation but the source of all creation.
6. Interference is essential to all creation and manifestation.
7. Resonance can change everything, the core type of magick.

FOUR things to make healing with resonance more possible :: Realistic definitions, not the consensus definitions. Being Active V. Passive
To be driven is passive, you're a passenger of that drive, running around driven by drive - not even your choice anymore. To be active is to be more engaged with the esotericism and more conscious of how to create the reality more to your liking. Passive giving is something like I give you two cookies but you have to give me two next week.

1. Active giving of your strength power and talent that cannot run out.
2. Active receiving and active allowing of the miracles and changes.
3. Differentiating and Objectifying - know the difference.
4. Dissociating and Denying - know the difference.
Be Courageous, be willing to enter the unknown and the unfathomable, willing to enter the realm of possible, the realm of enough. Everything is different now with the future creating the present more than the past ever could.

Possible things that were given away to cause the malady, a few examples :: Template or guideline for why people shrink from the greater depths of power and heights of success ::

Things so often given away were,
1. Self worth and value
2. Significance and meaning to life.
3. Intensity and Character - adherence to rules that support ideal reality.
4. Hopes Dreams and Visions
5. Freedom - judgments-of-self & judgments-of-others-with-malady gives up freedom - suspend judgments yet again.
6. Self-Esteem
7. Sense of Dignity

Possible things in their place are narcissism with nothing to give, self-centered, the world revolves around me, or feeling such sorrow, an arrogance or fear of arrogance, no one will be better than me, or martyr, rage or greed and punishments.

What poison is given to this malady, the poison of your pride and self-deception. What of your luminous dreams and visions, what has been given up? What of your responsibility has been given up? - the most profound thing that love does, responding, love responds. Respond and take back responsibility for what is actively created with own emissions.

What has already been given to this, that is already contributing to the resonance that is attracting energy to be formed in a way so as to confirm I am not good enough, smart enough, healthy enough, spiritual enough, I am not enough and I don't deserve.

This thing that confirms that I don't have enough worth and value, enough dignity or responsibility, enough character and significance, or that I must stay in prison without freedom, stay poisoned emotionally without happiness and joy, and be perpetually in fear or be arrogant.

Healing Malady - Know that Malady is a resonance so simply change it. Un-create it - stop and change the emissions causing it.

1. Actively Engage this pattern
2. Differentiate and Objectify the malady
3. See what you have given to it - see where the problem is. Stop giving that energy. Take back what was given to the malady as energy so as to reduce the malady back to energy. (This energy that was given to cause malady - no blame - I wasn't born with it - was mine to start with, accepted or created by me.)

4. Experience the Energy - a standing wave resonance of malady will return to interference pattern.

5. Give the energy you want to give that will change the interference pattern and resonance. Sense your worth and value - where lack-of-self-worth was given to create it, in the first place, etc. etc.
6. Objectify and Integrate - infuse this new energy field with your desire, expectation and imagination.
7. Allow a new interference pattern and resonance to rise that changes you and changes it.

Subconscious images for Healing
1. Luminous Corridor
2. Looping Time and Warping Space
3. Resonance Chamber
4. Spiral of Creation - to see what else can be created beyond healing.
Liminal Stones - not discussed but know that it's there - create your own.

Stand at the beginning of a luminous corridor in nature with a radiance emitting light - a canopy of growth with light streaking thru with such enchanting beauty, moonlight or sunlight. Differentiate this malady. Objectify and take in-hand. Now throw it way down to the end of the corridor. Move down the corridor knowing what was given - to actively engage and change it. Emotionally move into the interference pattern with new energy and now desire imagine and expect, all while inside this natural place of beauty, of wonder and amazing enchantment.

Now with this new resonance you emerge, now work with the healing you know, and with the Most Powerful like the Mists of Manifestation.

Great Circle of Love :: Magick and Miracles
Encounter the Muse
1. F - Perception of the Illusion
2. F - Perception of the More-Real
3. W - Transmutation and Transformation
4. W - Change
5. E - Known
6. E - Unknown
7. A - Responsibility
8. A - Power
9. Motivation
10. Individuality
11. Character - adherence to rules that support Ideal Reality - or it all crumbles.
12. Joy
13. Possibility
14. Authority
15. Genius
16. Freedom
17. Intimacy
18. Passion
19. Inspiration
20. Wisdom
21. Transcendence
22. Caring
23. Healing
24. Choice
25. Self

Fire Individuality 10
Water Joy 12
Earth Authority 14
Air Freedom 16

Spiritual Hunger
Hunger is seeking:
1. Eternal Immortality - the Continuum
2. Ultimate Drive to know the secrets - to know yourself, to know the Enchantment.
3. Mystery - found in loneliness and in solitude - the low and the high.
4. Belonging - the high point of Belonging is Enchantment - Low point of Belonging is Crisis. It's so easy to belong in a crisis, "Oh you're in crisis? Welcome Brother." Crisis accepts everybody. Not a wonderful sense of belonging but it's there. Amid the crisis in the world, there is a call for belonging. Enchantment would be the better place to find belonging. It was never meant to be this painful, but it has become so - not safe for love.

The world was once Enchanting - The Enchantment of the elements together as one, father sky, mother earth, sister, brother, rocks, trees and animals. Today it is disenchantment. Enchantment is the fuel, and it's time to cultivate the seeds in you to re-enchant the world, it's why some of us came this time. Enchantment is how we measure a world becoming new.

Foundation of Enchantment, Always four
Expressed and reflected as a crystal grid #, and as standing stones. And in the more real, we have this Foundation.

1. The Mystery and the Magick of being loved and being loving.
2. A Touch with the chaos of imagination and wonder and joy 2,3,5 - for hope. Imagination with its implicit order of beauty. Wonder with its implicit order of creativity. Joy with its implicit order of compassion; the depth of compassion is the caring born of sorrow.
3. Belonging with a sense of Forgiveness Embracing a vibrant future with robust possibility and feeling a connection with everything, with all that is.
4. Foundation of Honoring Life and that Connection - the ways or paths are Reconnecting.

If we haven't allowed the sense of forgiveness, Enchantment will elude us.

The Rite of Brewing Charms - Ritual
Of the many Cauldrons, there is a Cauldron of Charms. Meditation is to gather the charms from the Lands of Enchantment and put them in the cauldron to brew, fermenting and becoming sublime. These charms and enchantments may take days or weeks, but when they bubble up, they come thru a suspended transcendent moment, where we find a resolution, allowing a healing, allowing a change.

Ensorceler's Stone
(Sorcerer's Stone not used due to Hollywood's misconception and preconception) An Enchanted stone, with which you can remember and put together the pieces again, with which you can reunite and reconnect with Enchantment, with all that it means, with which you can restore Enchantment that you lose and slips away, with which you can renew, empower and embolden your Enchantment.

Meditatively put it in some place, which needs some Charm, and let the resonance of Enchantment do its radiating. The stone is not an illusion, you don't give trinkets, you give the *reality, mentally in the form of a stone and trinkets. I can brew Charms for these people or this person.

Everyone living has a relationship with god/goddess/all-that-is; a relationship from total denial to knowing. A continuum of immortality and eternity and people seek immortality, the hunger of getting home.

We can know someone by sharing love or sharing pain. Not the only place, but we can find mystery in loneliness and in solitude -- the low and the high of Mystery.

Magick of Goddess
Magick of Charms
Lands of Enchantment

Beautiful Chaos
1. Mystery - 4 Cautions
2. Imagination
3. Wonder
4. Hope
5. Joy - preferences
6. Innocence - freedom from guilt and blame.
7. Belonging
With the Implicit and Elegant Order
1. Magick
2. Beauty
3. Creativity
4. Critically Important Understanding of the Concepts
5. Compassion
6. Possibility
7. Forgiveness

Emotional Ties and Ties that Bind
Timeless Feeling and Human Emotion
The Heart Center is feeling love passion/desire and wonder - timeless REAL energy emitted (seat of soul).

All other emotions are in the 3rd Center. "Butterflies" are felt down there in the 3rd center. 3rd center is called Control, that "gathering-energy machine." Also this is where the invisible cord is attached when people have Emotional Ties. 3rd center blockage causes a lot of seizures, the deadliest would be hopelessness.

So often Emotional Ties are a gap filler - for the missing love and identity, without having all our alliances, without knowing who we are and how to work with co-creators; or it can be a well-chosen tie. Feelings of separation anxiety can exist with this invisible connection of 3rd-center Emotional Ties. Though invisible, it is still like a cord or wire that can be intentionally cut. There is a direct stream coming in, that we might appreciate or not want at all. In your mind, cut the cord and pull out the stump and the bloody roots. However many times it takes. You'll be free.

Everything is a choice. Long as we see thru tinted shades of role playing, there might be emotional attachments to that game. Freedom is in the truth, everyone else is another piece like you, with many differences, but the truth of equality that role playing takes away is the antidote. Identification with the false roles will continue without a true identity. Projecting roles is not being honest; that's not who they really are - however we got here. If we cannot "control" (3rd Chakra) Emotional Ties, we are by default "out of control." It's so easy to be out of control without esoteric understanding. The head denies or fears anything not well understood.

Understanding elegantly orders the chaos of hope, and becomes beautiful chaos. True Identity wont have much difficulty breaking ties.

Boundary Dwellers
Painters capture the Light of Spirit.
Poets capture the Substance of Soul. Truth is poetic.
Musicians compose the Harmony that nurtures both Soul and Spirit
The Philosopher seeks the secrets of Love and Life

The Artists of every age who have felt the presence tried use their artistry to capture the light, the substance, the harmony, or the love of the formless form, a rendition of the objective Archetype, through painting, poetry, music, or philosophy.

Strength The application of power with consistency

High Magick 7 Days
1. Suspend and Release the fears of receiving and the fear of losing it.
2. Gather :
  1. 3-inch square paper: date it, write "I want to receive ..." and sign it. Fold in half on corners and fold 4 corners into center
  2. Another paper: Sigel abstract symbol that is the signature of receiving. Fold it
  3. Photograph of an animal with spirit that speaks to the spirit of what I want to receive
  4. Something yours that is meaningful you're willing to give up
  5. Something flammable to offer collected from nature
  6. Bundle 5 items with string
3. Set it somewhere exalted for 3 days to mature, then on the 4th day ...
4. Burn the bundle and retain the ash for 3 more days, then on the 7th day ...
5. Crunch it down to fine powder
6. Smear the ash on the upper 4 chakras: heart, throat, brow, top of head
7. All sooty, do the meditation. Ritual of Receiving (High Magick)

There is a by-product of the success of your dreams as if with a gentle mist you are being spritzed with a resonance that can open a door to the dreams your higher self has for you - the by-product of dream success you don't see.

The combination cannot be forced; it cannot be pried open by shear power. The combination tumbles when the resonance of dream success is present. The combination is tumbled with that very resonance, the resonance that comes only when the dreams you've been dreaming become realities that you are experiencing. And you're doing that.

The brain needs to dream to develop the brain, in infancy, and at all stages the brain is always developing. And subsequently in your life, it is the dream that refurbishes brain, which reestablishes the neurons that reconnect the synapses. Dreaming that pulls it together. Dreaming that strengthens the immune system, endocrine system, lymphatic and nervous system, to improve your thinking and ability to feel more deeply and intensely.

Your higher self, unconscious and subconscious all use this means of communicating with you to give you encoded messages, which bypass the negative ego, through the dream state, in the symbols, in the pictures, in the allegories and in the archetypal dreams that you hold, that are often the messages, guidelines and clues as to what to do next, where to proceed and what to clean up and what to create. Dreaming is even more vital than telephone or computer between you and higher realms, higher self, counselors and subconscious.

Dreaming provides the opportunity to play out realities and nightmares that would be better not to experience awake, to allow a greater sense of security and still experience what you have chosen. Finally, dreams create the future. The brain is a future-thinking organ.

What Dreams do - Vital for these reasons: Enumeration for Illumination
1. Sharpen and replace the tools of desire, imagination and expectation
2. Create the future - Dreams are what the future is made of. Brain is a future-thinking organ.
3. Develop the brain - in so many ways throughout life
4. Being able to develop and play out realities that you don't want to do physically
5. Developing your nervous system
6. Opening up to the whispers from those other levels of your reality
7. Allow yourself to improve your thinking and feeling

Type and Faces of Dreams - Dreaming is vital and there are many different ways
1. Day Dreams - more present in adolescence because you didn't get enough at night and the brain needs extra time.
2. Night Dreams - obvious
3. Conscious Dreams - conscious application of choices, of your desire and imagination and expectation of the things you want preferentially.
4. Conscious Vision - Visions are more vibrant, where a dream is very apparently in your head, a vision is more clear. It involves your senses more completely. When you can sense a vision it is almost as if you can see it, almost as tangible as the physical world, as though you can hear and smell it. A Vision is a dream you can taste.
5. Meditation - the dream state that allows the communication from your higher realms
6. Intuition - meets the definition
7. Gestalt of awareness - an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. Suddenly everything fits together, a marvelously brilliant wonderful insight. Gestalt of awareness is also a form of dreaming because you see, dreams are thoughts and feelings that exist outside of space and time and function in the non logical, non rational world.

How do you do it? Well ... the dreams and visions that you already hold that are extensions, or are stimulated anticipations of those you have already manifested. Secrets of Manifesting what you want.

Extra Ingredients - Important that you add
1. Sense of love without constriction, love without anger, without hurt, without resentment, without righteousness, bitterness and blame
2. Care without condition
3. Oomph of enthusiasm and empathy, to feel that sense of gratitude

Excitement of insatiable desire and anticipation that is called enthusiasm, and to sense the understanding, and the acceptance, and the knowing, and the Wisdom that is empathy.
4. Allow your desire to be insatiable

5. Allow your joy and happiness to be more Spontaneous
6. Approach these dreams with a sense of balance, not just dream for the fun that will someday happen but for the fun of dreaming now - the balance that comes with the intersection of long-term and short-term fun. Where I enjoy the end results I anticipate AND the very means of generating the results that I anticipate - a sense of balance.
7. New spice and energy of Passion and Compassion, which comes with this kind of love and care, this level of enthusiasm and empathy, this level of desire, joy and happiness, with this balance.

Higher self has dreams just as you do. And they are for you and your world. But they are locked up in the subconscious and unconscious because the combination is found in the resonance that comes after you've already learned to dream successfully, after you've already begun to manifest the dreams and visions that you have hither to consciously put into motion. Once you have generated a certain level of success and can recognize that success, and can own that success through acknowledging it, then as with a mist you are spritzed with a resonance that open-says-me, turns the tumbles, unlocks the lock and allows you to enter that arena, that realm where the dreams of your higher self reside, where indeed you can move among them. You can find out what they are and bring them into your conscious thought and conscious reality. Vision them, dream them, manifest them.

The Magick - disarmingly simple meditation:: 21:30
1. Build a big container, cylindrical, or a square of whatever material you like.
2. Dump your fear of never making it, the fears of life that you know, the fear of receiving, your Anxiety, the fears that do not have names, and the Payoffs, your masks of feeling not good enough (AKA guilt depression sabotage undeserving), your contracts (of pain, to fail, to do better than, to always suffer) and scripts (that you read, which you play, the dialogs that when in doubt you fall back on) and close the lid with panache and aplomb, with a slam.
3. Forgive yourself for having those fears, contract and scripts.
4. Allow yourself to experience the important Extra Ingredients with your higher self in human form
5. Lift the lid to remove an amalgamation of the fears. See it as a mist or a bubble of smoke escape and let go of the fears. Capture the expansive desires and close the lid.
6. You wait a day or many and return to see if the expansive emotions have formed their own alloy, an amalgamation of your hopes, dreams and desires that you put into the container.
7. Open the lid once again and an alabaster bubble of light rises this time. You pop the bubble so it spritzes you with the resonance of the dream your higher self has for you and it will come to you in the many type of dreams.

Unidentified anger, hurt, fear or pity

Caring born of sorrow

The Guardians Who is your Guardian?
1. Love
2. Beauty (Most Profound)
3. Forgiveness
4. Imagination (Core)
5. Mystery (Lock&Key)
6. Light
7. no name - higher octave of love is the nameless one.

Blend In ... More love than you know, and you can let in only what you will; it wont push. Tonight is for you, because it is your time to wake up. It is your time, to not just touch, but to embrace that immense and beautiful power that hides within you slumbering.

And we reach out with the light to hold your hand, or touch in just the right place ...

Inside there is a power, wanting to awaken, a power that can change your life dramatically and permanently. So you can end a dance of fear, a dance of pain and misery. So that you can get off the game board of a consensus reality. So that you can move onto a whole new game board of magick and of miracles. Of Dreams that come true, living dreams, that come true. Your higher self wants it so for you. They asked us to find you, and we did, some guided by a friend or a book has fallen on your foot. Or it just happened through a series of synchronicities. And we found each other and we love you. Your higher self loves you, knows your name, and wants you to wake up, and stay awake; but alas there stands the fears. So let us reach inside of you with the light. Just imagine. Give us your fear, let it come out of hiding; let your Fear of Waking Up present itself. It's okay. Let it go. Be willing, loving, courageous ... gutsy. Let in love to replace it. Sense it gone; fear is gone, it wasn't even real.

What comes naturally to the magi, an inter-dependency of love and greater Freedom in the world, to always impart love, to leave a hint, a clue, a touch of greater caring in everything you do, everywhere you go. What comes naturally to the magi is power and strengths, powerful enough to be gentle and vulnerable, passionate and compassionate enough to be empathic, without getting lost. It is fluidity and flexible enough to transform and humble enough to transcend. What comes naturally to the magi is love, commitment and courage and to let the love shine brightly, brilliantly -- Grace.

You can't see it, but you can look TO it. You can't hear it, but you can listen FOR it. You can't hold it, but you can seek to GRASP it. It is formless form, silent and intangible. You can't analyse it. It emerges from the very heart and grace of Mystery. Unimaginable, you can't understand it, you can't comprehend, but when you USE it, it is present, and it is inexhaustible. But when you USE it, what comes of it is miraculous. Essence of Creation - "Can't touch this" -Happiness is the safe place, safe enough for love to grow.

Year Titles
1987 Discovery
1988 Compassion
1989 Renewal
1990 Awakening
1991 Exploration
1992 Achievement
1993 Being, Giving and Receiving
1994 Commitment
1995 Vision
1996 Wonder
1997 Empowerment
1998 Opportunity
1999 Oneness
2000 Dominion
2001 Mystery
2002 Creation Manifestation
2003 Expansion
2004 Union
2005 Illumination
2006 Mattering
2007 Understanding
2008 Freedom
2009 Celebration
2010 Initiation
2011 Hope
2012 Enchantment
2013 Innovation
2014 Gratitude
2015 Remembering
2016 Co-Creation
2017 Valuation
2018 Acceptance - a person's assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition without attempting to change it or protest it. The concept is close in meaning to acquiescence, derived from the Latin acquiescere.
2019 Grace
2020 No more year titles. Message delivered majestically and magnificently. As if I were suddenly waking up in a better palace.

The year 2006 was the end of a chromatic cycle, and began the birthing process in earnest. The end of the next twelve-year octave (2006 to 2018) will be when the new world is born and begins its infancy.

variable Generating and Sustaining energies depending on the topic
W=weak force S=strong force EM=electro magnetic G=Gravity

People are going to want to know. So you better have something to say.

Hope and Joy