Fellow Feather Flying Club

Glider airport - Leap point
175 vertical feet to the beach. Under gound facility paved into parking lot. "Woofo" observation
deck built on a dual gun turret base. Observer public affectionately referred to as woofos for their
incessant question, "Woofo you do this and woofo you do that?"

I dont drink
Someone I never met before walked up to me and handed me these prints from
a week before, one good flying season, dated Sept '88.
You're kidding right? A full budwiser in the bottle. I dont drink solvents, but I knocked it out
of his hand 3 times. He went home soaked in beer and a little less inebriated. Dont drink that shit

Pan Cloud base 1400 ft. Red wing in upper left, center shot - glider in turbulence trying to get on top.

700 feet
Fine spring day in '86, a mile from launch point.

Lost a scan
Landing zone half mile ahead. Plenty of altitude to make it without beaching it. Olympic Country Club, Lake Merced to the right.

3 mile flight to Pacifica over water - invisible shear conditions. Invisible line from cameye to small cloud
over the point, subject to move hundreds of yards up or down wind with no visible notice. Glass-smooth air
1500 - 3000 ft. TCA is 1500' south of Westlake. 747s of the 80's screaming a few hundred feet overhead.
Just stay in front, or be trashed in turbulence 400-800fpm down behind the lifting air.

Safety first
Club President demonstrating importance of safety first.

Preferred devoted assistant
Preferred devoted assistant.