Temet Nosce


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1. Which is your Ego's main Payoff?

2. Which is your Battlefield?

3. Which is your Muse of Awakening?
  Transformation Muse?
  Muse that Frees and Clears you?

4. Which is your Domain of true beauty and identity?

5. Which are your two Archetypes? Original Mold

6. List your seven Players.

7. Everyone has a greatest and weakest Strength.
  Which is your Greatest Power?
  Weakest Power?
  Greatest Responsibility?
  Weakest Responsibility?

8. List your four Human Aspects.

9. Which is your main Essence of Nature. What does it mean to be in your Element?

10. Your Drive and Fulcrum of Balance?

11. Your Ego's Enemy of Change and its Antidote?
Cannot pass this exam? Will likely be easier to cling to a role-playing identity.

12. Your
Resistance to Miracles?

13. Your Last Life Paradox?

14. Your resistance Wonder?

15. Which of the Trinity do you belong?

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